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Congratulations Lukas Fyrstk for the promotion to rear admiral.
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Author Topic: Captain's Log/Mission brief 181010  (Read 52 times)
Rayne McCloud
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« on: October 10, 2018, 19:02:44 hours. »

Captain's log
Supplemental (07/11/2395,   17:30 hours)

We lost sensor contact with the away team approximately thirty minutes ago. Lt. Commander Wren and Ensign H’Nageey are working to find a way to penetrate the sensor block deep within the planet. I am also confident Commander Hart will find a way to get communications out.


The away team has found an underground city. Now the challenge will be to find out if the scientists are being held within the city and then how to get them out. Will this be a first contact situation?

Captain Rayne McCloud
Commanding officer
USS Eagle, NCC 89561
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