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Author Topic: Captain's Log/Mission brief 180613  (Read 86 times)
Rayne McCloud
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« on: June 13, 2018, 17:42:41 hours. »

Captain's log
Supplemental: (01/21/2395,  12:30 hours)

Our sensor net has detected what we believe may be a new spatial life form.  It is, thus far, defined as a ball of energy the size of the planet Mercury, in the Sol system.  Dr. Shadow has sensed neural patterns from the anomaly, and some of it is distress and pain.  He also says he detects two distinct neural patterns, so this anomaly could be pregnant.  The problem is: we cannot get close enough to determine if it is injured and how we might be able to help.


The anomaly floats in space ahead of us. THis far, the energy and radiation it emits is too much for even the Eagle's shield cannot protect us from exposure.  We will need to find another way to determine if this is, indeed, a life form and how to assist it.

Captain Rayne McCloud
Commanding officer
USS Eagle, NCC 89561
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