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Author Topic: Captain's Log/Mission brief 180530  (Read 107 times)
Rayne McCloud
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« on: May 30, 2018, 16:52:28 hours. »

Captain's log
Supplemental (01/18/2395,  21:00 hours)

The Eagle is the only thing preventing a devastating hull breach to this world-sphere.  We have made contact with one of the four governments inside the sphere and once things worsened, they cut us off.  I currently hve both the worker bee shuttles primed and ready to deploy into the sphere. Commander Hart has informed me there is enough room between the earth the inhabitants reside on and the hull itselr to maneuver the bees and weld the hull back together.  The Easterner government has dispatched their own machinery "underground," so we wil see if they can handle the job.


Time is running out.  While the Eagle is holding the hull together, it cannot remain doing so indefinitely.  If the government canno tmake the repairs themselves, we may have to intervene, however, the Prime Directive prohibits us from doing that without the government requesting our assistance.

Captain Rayne McCloud
Commanding officer
USS Eagle, NCC 89561
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