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Congratulations Lukas Fyrstk for the promotion to rear admiral.
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Author Topic: Captain's Log/Mission brief 180502  (Read 139 times)
Rayne McCloud
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« on: May 02, 2018, 18:47:05 hours. »

Captain's log
Supplemental (01/18/2395,  14:35 hours)

In their investigation of the world sphere, Commander Jorel reports that the hull of the sphere is weakening due to underground munitions testing.  I have moves the Eagle to the opposite side and conducted scans, and found the hull is indeed weakened.  Even if they do not conduct any more tests, the probability of the hull rupturing simply from the atmospheric pressure forced upon is high.  That now makes it more imperative that we contact one of the ruling governments and inform them of the situation.


The team aboard the Falcon will will now have to see if they can make contact with one of the governments and advise them of the danger to their world sphere.

Captain Rayne McCloud
Commanding officer
USS Eagle, NCC 89561
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