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Congratulations Lukas Fyrstk for the promotion to rear admiral.
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Author Topic: "Kid Talk" w/ Dr. Ane  (Read 3032 times)
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« on: July 24, 2014, 18:04:54 hours. »

"Kid Talk"
by Admiral Fyrstk & Dr. Terra Ane

   The front door to the Fyrstk quarters slid closed after the departure of Admiral Fyrstk and Dr. Ane.  Luna gave a quick glance in the direction of her younger brothers' room to make certain they were inside and not listening to her conversation with Celeste.
    "Has the Eagle been in dock?" she asked her friend.  Her voice was low so as not to be heard by anyone other than Celeste.
    The U.S.S. Eagle had been remaining in the vicinity of Pasteur while the Fyrstks and the Pathfinder were back in Sector 001. Luna had become friends with the adopted son of the Eagle's commanding officer, Armand.  The ship, in fact, had not been at the station in the time they were away.
     Celeste's looked at her best friend for a moment before answering, "no, but I know they are in the sector.   I overheard Mom talking to their doctor a couple of days ago about some sort of rash that one of their crew came down with."  Her curiosity was definitely aroused, "any special reason you want to know?"  Celeste's voice was the same almost whisper that Luna had used.
    Luna blushed a bit.  She, again, glanced in the direction of her brothers' bedroom, because she knew the ribbing she would take if they overheard the conversation, then she looked back to Celeste.
    "I... I was just curious if Armand had been on the station... You know... " She paused not wanting to say too much.  "And maybe... Looking for me?"
     Celeste looked back at her friend and smiled, but then shook her head. "Sorry, they haven't been here in a couple of weeks.  Did you check your communications file yet, maybe he sent you a message."
    "If there isn't a message, maybe I can get mom to call Rayne to say hi, and then we could always ask to talk to Armand about a 'homework assignment' or something.  Or maybe mom will just let us send a comm message.  She knows we kids need to keep in contact."  Celeste used the term "kids" loosely.   After all, Luna and Celeste were teenagers now, and doing some of the same tasks as adults, but it was sometimes hard getting their parents to stop thinking of them as young children.
     "I know your dad is a little more strict at times than my mom," Celeste offered.  "Might be easier to go through her first"
    Luna's eyes lit up.  "Your mom and Captain McCloud were close, right?  He asked if you could be friends with Armand, right?  We should be able to get a message through then.  Asking your mom!  What a great idea, Celeste!"
     "What are you guys shouting about?"  Noble asked as the boys raced out of their room.
    Celeste flashed a quick look to Luna, and then said to Noble, "Nothing.  We were just talking about this ancient earth history class that we want to take.  Luna got so excited when I told her that Mom was going to talk to Uncle Lukas about it for both of us."  Celeste knew that Noble hated history in any form other than what engineering principles from history lead to what new concepts today, that he wouldn't want to both with their conversation anymore.
    "That's not what you were..." Ronov started, but stopped when Luna whirled on him and raised her finger in warning.
    Noble made a face of disgust and then jumped on the couch behind the girls.  "Yuck!  Who wants to go to more school, especially for history?"  As he continued to jump up and down on the couch, Noble stated, "Ro and Ronnie and me are going to the holo suites.  Uncle Lukas said we could."
    Celeste grabbed her brother and placed him on the floor, stopping him from jumping on the couch anymore. "Okay, but don't spend all day there, you know mom doesn't want us to be in the holo suites more than one hour"
    "The same applies to you two," Luna added, looking at her twin brothers.  "Ro, one hour."  She knew that Rohan was the more responsible of the two and would be certain they were held to an hour.  The boys all agreed and took off.


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