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Author Topic: "New Things"  (Read 625 times)
Lukas Fyrstk
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« on: May 25, 2014, 17:09:28 hours. »

"New Things"
by Rear Admiral Lukas Fyrstk

January, 2391

    The U.S.S. Pathfinder exited the slip-stream conduit into normal space.  Rear Admiral Lukas Fyrstk sat in the command seat and watched the viewscreen show the normal starscape as the Sovereign-class ship now traveled at three-quarter impulse.  Lukas gave a quick almost imperceptible nod of approval at the performance of the recently up-graded engine improvements to the ship.
    "On approach to Pasteur, Sir," called out Ensign Traye from the helm.
    "Give me a visual of the station," Lukas ordered.  The operations officer tapped her console and the tiny light spec that was Pasteur Station was magnified.  Off to the left side of the screen, beside the station, Lukas could see a new structure.  He could see the letters "S.C.O.E" emblazoned on its hull.  They had already arrived.
    "Sir," called out Lt. Sara Myers at OPS.  "The station is hailing."
    "On screen."
    The scene on the viewscreen switched from the outside view of Pasteur to that of the station's executive officer, Lt. Commander Svann.  The Vulcan looked as if he was about to say something in greeting, but quickly his face went neutral and his right eyebrow shot up.
    "Admital," Svann said in his normal stoic voice.  "Welcome back and apparently, congratulations is in order."
    A smile played across Fyrstk's lips.  "We'll see about that.  Ah see the Starfleet Core of Engineers have arrahved already."
    "They arrived yesterday, Sir.  Their arrival and orders were a bit of a ... surprise."
    "Starfleet Command didn't send any advance notice," Fyrstk inquired.  "Well all will be explained very soon.  As a matter of fact, Ah would like a department head meeting set up for two hours after we dock."
    "Very good, Sir.  I shall set the meeting to convene at fourteen hundred hours."
    "Excellent.  I will see you then.  Pathfahnder out."
    The screen again switched to the view of the approach to Pasteur Station.  Lukas mused over the changes that he would be laying out to his senior staff.  His new rank, the improvements to this ship and the station's new improvements and mission.


Commodore Lukas Fyrstk
Commanding Officer
Pasteur Station, DS-21
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