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Author Topic: "A Sighting"  (Read 647 times)
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« on: October 09, 2013, 19:50:36 hours. »

<font face="Times New Roman">"A Sighting"
by Lt. Commander Svann

   The U.S.S. Pathfinder cruised along the Firegon border.  Her sensors were seraching as wide an arc as she possibly could generate.  The quarry was simple, the S-13 school shuttle.  Lt. Commander SVann, acting executive officer of Pasteur Station, sat as her commanding officer.
    Svann was Vulcan, and like most Vulcans a man of logic.  Logic told him that this was a fruitless search.  That the shuttle was either destroyed, or sent thousands of light years from its original course much like the starship, U.S.S. Athena.  Still, he saw the logic in giving the parents of the lost children hope, which included the chief medical officer, Dr. Terra Ane, whose two children were on the shuttle.  So, here they were searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack.
    Svann sat and considered how much more productive this search would have been, had Starfleet authorized the upgrades to the Sovereign-class, Pathfinder's, systems to include the new (well now it was almost ten year old technology) slip-stream drive.  They would then be able to assist the U.S.S. Eagle in their search of the more likely search area, the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant.  His thoughts were suddenly brought back to by the voice of Lt.jg Caleb Landers.
    "Captain," the science officer called out.  "I have just picked something up on long range. Almost to the edge of my scanning range."
    "What exactly is 'something', Lieutenant," the Vulcan asked.
    "I am detecting energy readings that would be consistant with a wormhole opening," Caleb replied, "and.... I believe there is a ship."
    "You believe?"
    Landers tapped his console again, tightening the beam in the direction of the readings.  "Yes, Sir.  Possibly.  It is difficult to be one hundred percent certain at this distance."
    "Send the coordinates to helm," Svann ordered.
    "It is almost to the opposite side of Firegon terrirory, Sir."
    "How long to get to it if we skirt around, " Svonn inquired.
    "Six days at maximum warp, Sir," Caleb informed him.  "Ten hours if we go straight through."
    "And you are certain of your findings?"
    "Aye, Sir.  I have confirmed them through the Starfleet listening post on the opposite side of the Territory."
    "Very well," Svann said calmly.  "Helm, plot a course, maximum warp.  Ensign Beemer, contact Starfleet Command and Commodore Fyrstk, and inform them of our situation, then let Dr. Ane know what is going on.  Mr. Landers you keep getting as much data as you can on this 'ship.' Lt. Evans, keep a careful watch for Firegon vessels."


Lt. Commander Svann
Chief Security/Tactical/2nd Officer
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