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Author Topic: X-Eagle "Grounded"  (Read 722 times)
Lukas Fyrstk
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« on: September 25, 2013, 18:55:32 hours. »

by Commodore Lukas Fyrstk

    It took less than two minutes for the lights to kick back on in the passenger compartment of S-13.  Luna Fyrstk quickly looked around while unbuckling herself.  She looked to Celeste, who was also unbuckling herself.  Celeste indicated she would check on Miss Livvey so Luna immediately started looking in on the other kids on the shuttle.  Fortunately, the most she had to do was calm them down as she walked past each seat.  The seat buckles had all done their jobs and kept the occupants from flying around the cabin.
    "We really have to do something," Celeste Ane said quietly to Luna.  "Miss Livvey has gotten worse.  I've given her everything we have in the emergency med kit."
    "We'll have to find another way," Luna answered.  Thought the look on her face did not embody any confidence.
    "I wish we could put her in stasis." Celeste glanced back to the ailing teacher.
    "Yeah, that would be.... " Luna stopped, her mind racing with things which she had learned from school and from spending time in the infirmary, helping her aunt and others on the medical staff.  Celeste's eyes widened about the same time as Luna's as they both came up with a possibility.
    "If we could find some anesthezine, we could slow her metabolism and allow her system to rest more."
    "But where?" Celeste asked.  "This is only a school shuttle.  I would not be equipped to have that capability, would it?"
    "I don't know." Luna's eyes glanced forward.  "But I know someone who probably would."
    As if on cue, Ronov Fyrstk appeared at the portal that led from the passenger sompartment to the small shuttle cockpit.  The girls' hopes were quickly dashed when the nine year-old confirmed Luna's suspicions about the shuttle's capabilities.  The girls vowed not to let this defeat them.  They both knew that Terra wouldn't give up.

    Ronov stepped in the aft engineering area of the shuttle.  It was a compartment as large as the cockpit.  His brother Rohan was seated at the small sensor console, which was primarily set up for shuttle diagnostics.  Noble had one of the cabinets open, checking the connections and the temporary repairs they had previously made.
    "Noble says a couple of the circuits repaired need to be re-done before we get engines back, but the generators are working fine, so we have power for systems."
    "Any luck on the subspace comms?" Ronov asked.
    "Not yet," his brother answered.  "We will undoubtedly have to check the arrays attached to the hull."
    "How is it outsahde?"
    "The sensors show 31.1 degrees Celsius, and plenty of sunshine."
    "The nose of the shuttle is almost inta a tree grove," Ronov commented, "so we will have shade too."
    "If we get out and scout around," came Luna's voice from behind Ronov, which made him jump.  Luna giggled at her brother's involuntary move before continuing.  "We can assign some of the kids things to find.  It will help keep them busy."
    "Ah think Vaurk is real good with plants an' stuff," Ronov told his sister.  Vaurk was a Vulcan boy, approximately a year or two older than Luna, it was difficult to tell with Vulcans.  "Ask him if he'll help look around, an' make sure they don't touch anything they don't know about.  Espcially any animals.  Just stay away from them."
    Luna nodded and returned to the passenter compartment.  Ronov turned toward that same section but stopped by the portal to the exterior.  "Ah guess Ah better take a quick look around.  Roe, y'all can watch th' sensor.  See if that ship ya saw shows up."
    "I'll go out with ya," Noble offered, pulling himself out of the cabinet.  "The connections will take both of us anyhow."
    Ronov nodded.  "Ah don't 'spose there's any phasers on board?"
    "Nope. Sorry," Noble responded.  He had already checked when they were in the asteroid field, but again, this was a school shuttle.  Why would they need phasers?
    "All rahght," Ronov said with a sigh.  He starts working the control for the port hatch.  "Let's see what's out here."

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