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Congratulations Lukas Fyrstk for the promotion to rear admiral.
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Author Topic: X-Eagle "Free Floating"  (Read 659 times)
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« on: September 11, 2013, 09:46:27 hours. »

"Free Floating"
by Commodore Fyrstk

    "We can do this," Ronov had told his twin and his cousin, Noble.  Both boys had just looked somewhat dubious, but they didn't doubt Ronov's words.  "The first thing to figure out is whah auxiliary power didn't kick in."
    The boys immediately went to work.  They pulled access panels off the rear consoles and started methodically checking them.  This was one area where Ronov and Noble, both, flourished.  Either one of them could strip down an anti-grav unit, diagnose problems with it and put it back together in less than an hour.  Both boys were constantly in engineering or the shuttle bay helping to service shuttles whenever they could get away with it.  Ronov was hoping that Rohan would be able to identify any parts or circuitry he did not recognize.  About thirty minutes into the work, Luna approached the panel where Ronov was working.
    "Any ideas, Ronnie," she asked, trying not to push her brother.  "It is starting to get cold in here."
    "We've found several fused circuits," the twin replied, slipping out of the panel.  "Roe and Noble have been able to salvage three of them.  Check compartment 12-E.  There should be emergency blankets in there that ya can distribute out.  How's Miss Livvey?"
    "Not good," Luna said with a frown.  "Her breathing is really shallow.  Celeste says whatever is ailing her is beyond the scope of the emergency med-tricorder."
    "Ah'm sure you two are doin' the best ya can,' Ronov commented.  "Y'all are managin' to keep the other kids quahet."
    "Yeah, but they're getting hungry," Luna said.
    "They all should have their lunches, right," Rohan Fyrstk asked, coming around one of the consoles.
    "Yes!  They should," Luna agreed.  She shook her head.  "Why didn't I think of that?"
    "Ya got a lot on your mahnd," Ronov suggested.
    Both Luan and Rohan stared at their brother.  Was this really the impulsive, hot-headed brother they knew all too well?  Ronov looked from Luna to Rohan and back again.
    "What?" he asked.
    "Who are you and what have you done with my little brother," Luna joked.  She leaned in and gave him a kiss on his forehead, which was a bit dirty from working inside the console.  "I will distribute the blankets and get them their rations, Captain."  She pronptly stood up and walked forward inthe shuttle again.
    "Captain?" Ronov asked, looking to Rohan.
    "Well you seem to have taken command," Rohan admitted.  He knelt down next to Ronov.  "I was studying this schematic.  I believe our problem just might be in this area here. " He pointed to a spot on the printed diagram that had been affixed inside one of the panels.  "Noble agrees, what do you think?"
    Ronov studied the diagram.  "Yes," he finally said.  "Ah agree.  Let's give it a trah."
    The twins both stood, and went back where Noble Ane was working.  It took them another ten minutes to make the repairs in the section.  They returned to the master engineering console.  Ronov reached out to activate the console, he looked hopefully to his brother and cousin, then touched the console.  The boys were rewarded with the sound of the shuttle's engines coming on, and the interior of the shuttle lighting up.
    "Alrahght!" Ronov exclaimed, giving Rohan and Noble, each, high-fives.  "Now let's get th' subspace radio working and fahnd out where we are."

to becontinued...
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