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Congratulations Lukas Fyrstk for the promotion to rear admiral.
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Author Topic: "A Mother's Ire" w/ Dr. Ane  (Read 633 times)
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« on: September 11, 2013, 09:43:23 hours. »

"A Mother's Ire
by Lt. Commander Svann & Dr. Ane

  Terra was on duty, and it was proving to be a rather hectic morning.  They had recently received several transfers who needed complete physicals before assuming their new duties. And of course, new crew usually meant additional family members as well, that all needed physicals.  All together, the med staff had to perform 31 physicals, which meant several days of testing and data compilation.
   Terra had started her shift later than usual as she saw the kids off on their field trip this morning.   Noble was so excited to go that he barely touched his breakfast.  It was only Terra telling him that he had to eat something before he could leave their quarters that got him to eat half a banana and a couple bites of peanut butter toast.  Celeste of course was sensible and ate her entire breakfast, while she kept looking at the time, until she could finally head to the hangar deck. Her pack had been readied the night before.
      Terra waited until the shuttle was well on its way before she headed to Medbay.
   Terra had just completed her notes and closed the file on a patient with a plasma torch burn, and was headed back into her office when she overheard someone say something about a missing shuttle.  While this was not all that unusual as shuttles dropped from sensors all the time and then were picked up again a short time and distance later, something about this just picked at the back of Terra's mind.  What she had heard was "kids shuttle".  That couldn't be right, she thought.  This was a yearly event.  It was safe.  It was the station's children.
   When she got into her office, she tried to pull up the data on the kids' shuttle location.  The message she got was perplexing to say the least.  The computer must be having a meltdown, she thought.  The shuttle has a prearranged itinerary, it was posted several days before by the teacher.  That information was even not available from the computer now.   
      Terra tried everything she could think of to get the information the routine ways, and came up empty. "Well, rank does have its privilege she thought," and keyed in her access code as CMO.
   "NO!!!!!!" She just about screamed, and then was thankful that she had closed the door to her office, and that it was soundproof to provide for patient privacy.
   "Ane to Commodore Fyrstk, respond please."   She deliberately tried to keep her voice calm, and nearly succeeded, but as anyone who knows her well enough will tell you, her voice was shaking almost as fast as her heart was beating.
      Terra tried hailing Lukas a second time without success before the computer, when asked, told her that he wasn't on the station.
     Definitely not good!  He would have at least alerted Terra to the fact that he was leaving in case he wasn't back when the kids got home, so she could make sure to check on them.  Even if it was just a few minutes off the station, he had never left without her knowing, because of the kids.
     "We'll, I'm not going to just sit here and twiddle my thumbs.  Someone had better have some answers for me!"
      Terra notified her staff that she was headed up to OPS, and immediately set off almost at a run!  She was going to get to the bottom of this, and then someone was going to hear about it!  Not telling her that the shuttle her kids were on was missing, was bad enough.  Not telling her that the shuttle had gone through the only unstable wormhole in the vicinity was the icing on the cake.

     Dr. Ane ran into OPS and stopped just out of the turbo-lift, observing for several minutes to get the situation, before she let her temper fly.
     Lt. Commander Svann turned as he heard the lift doors open.  His left eyebrow had gone up.  Though, inside, he was not looking forward to this confrontation, outwardly his appearance remained as calm as expected from a Vulcan.
      "Dr. Ane," he said calmly.  I was just about to notify you of something you seem to already know."
    The anger was evident on Terra's face as she turned to face Svann.  "So, it's true?  Why wasn't I informed?  Not only as a parent of 2 children and aunt of several others that are on board that shuttle, but also as CMO of this station!"  She was barely civil at this point.  "What happened?  Where are they?"
    "Well, Doctor," Svann started, calmly.  "You were just about to be informed as well as requested to stand with me when I informed the rest of the parents.  The current location of the shuttle is unknown.  It is believed to have been drawn into Wormhole 3 for as of yet unknown reasons.  Commodore Fyrstk acted immediately, taking the Dauntless out to try to get them back."  He explained the rest of the situation to her, including contacting Captain McCloud on the Eagle and getting Pathfinder ready to go search.  "We do need to inform the rest of the parents now."
Terra nodded, seeing the logic behind what was done, what was being done, and what still had to be done.  Well, we'd better get this meeting going so I can get moving to the Pathfinder to start searching for the kids, she thought.   Who knows what kind of condition any of them would be in when they were found.  That's it, stay positive.  WHEN THEY WERE FOUND.  Not IF, but WHEN.
    Terra took a deep settling breath.  "Shall we go Commander?  The sooner we tell them, the sooner I can get ready for Pathfinder's departure.  Oh, and Lt Forster would be the best person to leave as a liaison with the rest of the parents.  He has experience with this sort of thing."  She started to make her way to the door, mentally preparing herself for the meeting with the parents, as well as making her list of supplies for her departure with Pathfinder.

(Okay.  I made just a couiple changes, but I think it looks great.  You can send it to the email string, and remember to post it to the message board as well.  If you have any troubles, let me know.  Nice work.)


Lt. Commander Svann
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