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Author Topic: "The Hard Job"  (Read 640 times)
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« on: August 31, 2013, 20:15:48 hours. »

"The Hard Job"
by  Lt. Commander Svann
(Feat. Commodore Fyrstk)

    "Commander," called Lt.jg Landers.  "Commodore Fyrstk is hailing."
    "On the main viewer," the Vulcan executive officer instructed.  He looked, watching the main viewer change from the outside view of the station to the interior of the U.S.S. Dauntless.  "Commodore.  From what we can detect here, I am surmising your efforts were less than successful."
    "You can say that again," Lukas commented, sitting forward in the command seat.  "Ah've been in contact with both the Athena and the Eagle.  They're both going to start looking around in the Beta Quadrant, with the Eagle taking a jump to where we know the wormhole once deposited a ship."
    "A logical place to start," Svann acknowledged.
    "It's probably going to be lahke looking for a needle in a haystack.  They could have been thrown out anywhere, including here in the Alha Quadrant."
    "I had considered that possibility," Svann told him.  "Therefore, I have had Lr. Landers conducting narrow beam long-range sweeps, looking for the shuttle's transponder."
   "That's excellent.  We're going to start a wahde sweep through the area to see maybe if they were ejected somewhere out here."
    Svann nodded his understanding.  "What would you like us to do further, here?"
    "Well, you have probably the hardest job, yet.  Someone has to notify the parents.  Let them know what steps we have already taken.  Dr. Ane is undoubtedly going to demand we do more, so Ah also want a crew aboard Pathfahnder to start searching the area opposite of where we're searching.  You can lead that one, and put Drake in charge."
    "Aye, Sir," SVann acknowledged.  "What id our search should lead into Firegon territory?"
    "If the shuttle was sent there, then bah all means, go in and rescue it.  Give me a call and we'll be there to back you up.  Let's just hope it hasn't.  We haven't heard from them for some tahme, and Ah lahke it that way."
    "Understood, Sir.  I shall get right on getting the ship ready and then notify the parents."
    "Excellent, Commander.  Good hunting.  Dauntless out."
    Svann watched the screen revert back to teh image of the stars and outside of the station.  He then tapped the commands into his console to get things started.


Lt. Commander Svann
Chief Security/Tactical/2nd Officer
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