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Author Topic: "Warn Them Off"  (Read 682 times)
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« on: August 11, 2013, 22:47:49 hours. »

"Warning Them Off"
by Lt. Commander Svann & Lt.jg Landers

    "Report on the school shuttle, Mr. Landers," ordered Lt. Commander SVann.  He stood at the master control console, overlooking all the other stations on Command & Control.  He could have pulled up the information himself but he preferred to allow his officers to perform their duties.
    "They've exited Wormhole 1 on schedule, Commander, and have gone on past 2."
    "If my calculations are correct, they will be out there another three point seven-three hours."
    "That is correct, Sir," Caleb confirmed.  He tapped his console adjusting the sensors, now that Wormhole 1 had closed.  "I certainly wish we would have had a field trip like that when I was in school."
    "Indeed," Svann said.  "Had you had something like five wormholes in the Sol system, I am certain you probably would have."
    Landers chuckled.  He was about to add something when he did a double-take at his monitor.  "Sir!  The shuttle has not made the turn away from Wormhole 3."
    "That is odd," Svann commented.  "The operator is experienced and knows the tour route very well.  Warn them off just in case, Mr. Landers."
    "Pasteur Station to Shuttle S13," Landers said into the sub-space comm.  "Be advised you are entereing restricted space.  Please acknowledge and change course."
    Svann tapped his console, watching the blip that represented S-13.  He did not need for Landers to inform him that the shuttle had not altered course, but heard the science officer inform him nonetheless.
    "Commander, they are not responding, not altering course."
    "Warn them off once again, Lt.," Svann calmly ordered.
    "Shuttle S-13," Caleb said once again into the comm.  "You are approaching point of no return.  Change course now!"  Still no response came from the shuttle, nor did it change course.  "The wormhole is opening, Commander!"
    "Get the Dauntless crew scrambled," Svann ordered.  He tapped his comm-badge.  "Svann to Commodore Fyrstk, report to C&C at once."
    "It's gone in, sir!"


Lt. Commander Svann
Chief Security/Tactical/2nd Officer
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