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Author Topic: "Wormhole 3"  (Read 671 times)
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« on: August 03, 2013, 12:18:42 hours. »

"Wormhole 3"
by Commodore Lukas FYrstk

    The passenger shuttle had been in the wormhole approach, of Five Field (the name designated for the area of the five wormholes), for over an hour now.  The students were all thrilled, when Wormhole 1 had opened up and a ore frieghter from Telequas IV had emerged.  It was passing through on its way to Ansestus which was still recovering from the Borg attack of 2380.
    "All right, Children, " Livvey Levans called out.  She was the teacher responsible for the wormhole viewing trip, each year.  "Take your seats.  I have a special treat for you."
    There was an even louder response, as each of the students clambored back to their seats.
    "I hope we're going into the wormhole," Rohan Fyrstk said.  He craned his neck to look at the still-open Wormhole 1.
    "No way," Ronov Fyrstk, his twin brother, shot back.  "They never do that."
    "If you two would be quiet, you might find out what is going on," admonished Luna Styles-Fyrstk, their older sister.
    "Okay, Mr. Chawks," Levans said to the shuttle pilot.  "They're all buckled in.
    Chawks touched the control in front of him and the shuttle dipper to port, entering into a course directly into Wormhole 1.  It smoothly passed over the horizon, and travled into the wormhole.  The trip took almost ten minutes, and the children all "Ooo'ed" and "ahhh'ed" the entire way through.  Rohan, however, studied the modified PADD in his lap.
    "Look at all this data," he marveled.  The nine-year old had a passion for anything scientific.  His dream was to follow the footsteps of his older brother, Malachi, into Starfleet as a science officer.  His twin, however, had vastly different interests.  "The modifications to this are working fantastically!"
    "Ya're welcome," Ronnie said to his brother.  While he thought the "light show" of the wormhole was neat, he wanted desperately to see just how the shuttle was performing as it traversed the wormhold.
    "Why should I be thanking you?" Roe asked.  "I designed to mods."
    "Yeah but Ah actually did the mods," Ronnie reminded his brother.  "Plus Ah found the work-around for the power issue and the inter-phase with the shuttle sensors."
    "True," Rohan conceded.  "Thank you."
    The shuttle exited the wormhole into a far sector in the Gamma Quadrant.  It was approximately twenty thousand light years away from the wormhole that led to the Bajoran sector of the Alpha Quadrant.  Chawks turned the shuttle around and they re-entered the wormhole, returning to Five Field.  Upon returning, they proceeded out and past Wormhole 2, which remained inactive during their passing.
    "Next up is Wormhole 3," Rohan quietly announched.
    "Well, duhhh," quipped Ronov.  "Three does follow two.  'Sahdes, it's not lahke anything's gonna happen.  Ya know that one's off-limits."
    "You never know," Rohan replied.  "Maybe we'll get some neutrino emissions or it will have one of its spontaneous openings."
    Ronov rolled his eyes.  "Ya're such a geek sometahmes."

    Livvey Levans sat quietly in her seat.  She glanced out the portal to the seemingly empty area of space.  She knew, however that particular area held the opening of the only unstable wormhole in the Field.  She remember, all-too well, the loss of the U.S.S. Athena and a Romulan warbird, so many years ago, when the wormhole opened and the two ships were attacked and pulled into the unstable passage.  Both ships were dumped to the far side of the Beta Quadrant.  She waited for the course change she knew would be coming before explaining about the wormhole to the children.  And she waited.
    "Chawks?" the teacher finally inquired.  "Shouldn't you have made the course change by now?"  The shuttle pilot did not answer.  He simply stared straight ahead.  "Chawks?"
    "Pasteur Station to Shuttle S13.  Be advised you are entereing restricted space.  Please acknowledge and change course."
    Still, there was no response from the pilot.

    "Something is not right," Rohan announced, looking up from his PADD.  "We should have changed course already."
    "Don't be a worry-wart," Ronov replied.  "Chawks has done this run every year an' he knows what he's doing."
    "I am not so sure," Rohan responded.  He shoved the PADD into his brother's field of vision.  "Look!"
    Ronov studied the data.  Rohan was right,  They passed into the restricted space around the third woromhole kilometers ago.  "Maybe he's having trouble with the helm control. Ah;ll go see."  ROnov rose from his seat and started moving toward the shuttle's cockpit.
    "Ronnie, get back in your seat," Luna called out, but as usually was the case, the nine-year old ignored his older sister.

    "Chawks, change course," Livvey Levans demanded.  She had risen from her seat and moved forward into the cockpit.  The pilot ignored her.
    "Home," Chawks muttered.
    "Shuttle S-13," the subspace radio called out again.  "You are passing the point of no return.  Change course now!"
    "Chawks? Can you hear me? "Levans urged.  "We have to change course."
    "What's goin' on," came a voice behind LEvans.  She quickly looked back and saw the voice belonged to Ronov Fyrstk.
    "Return to your seat, Ronnie," Levans ordered.  She turned back to Chawks.  "We need to veer off now, Chawks!"  She reached forward and touched the man on the shoulder.  His arm immediately came up and slammed into Livvey.  She fell backwards, almost slamming into Ronov.
    "Going... home... " Chawks muttered.
    "Oh crap," Ronov exclaimed as he looked out the forward viewport.  There before him, Wormhole 3 had opened up, and it looked angry.
    "Chawks?" Ronov asked.  "What th' hell are y'all doing?"  He was forced to grab onto the back of the pilot's seat as the shuttle entered the swirling mass of energy.
    "Going home," Chawks answered again in a trance-like voice.  He stood from the pilot's seat and was suddenly gone in a shimmering light.  Ronov's eyes went wide with surprise, but he kept his head ans slid into the pilot's seat.  He managed to buckle himself in just in time for the first heavy energy wave to strike the shuttle, sending it hurtling into pure chaos.


Commodore Lukas Fyrstk
Commanding Officer
Pasteur Station, DS-21
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