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Author Topic: Malachi Styles  (Read 3853 times)
Malachi Styles
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« on: March 27, 2013, 17:51:29 hours. »

"New Assignment"

September, 2388

    The ward room in the space station that orbited Mars was empty.  Ensign Malachi Styles stood in the doorway, looking around.  He had just returned to Sector 001 after spending time with his family aboard Pasteur Station, Deep Space 21.  THe last month had also marked the one year anniversary of his mother's death.  Malachi was ready to start his first official assignment as a Starfleet officer.
    "Styles," came a voice off to his left.  A young-looking Terran, stood in an office doorway.  "That is your name, right?"
    "Yes, sir," Malachi answered.  He saw the man was wearing the rankings for a lieutenant commander.
    "Well get in here," the man said.  He turned around and disappeared into the office.  Malachi quickly followed.
    "Ensign Malachi Styles reporting for duty, Sir," Malachi formally announced as he entered the office.
    "Yes.  I think we've established that," the man said, now seated behind a desk and looking at a padd.  "Just graduated the academy.... Very high academic achievements... Served as an acting-ensign aboard the U.S.S. Eagle... enrolled in the academy at age sixteen."
    Malachi remained at attention and motionless in front of the desk.  He still held the duffle containing his personal stuff.
    "So tell me, Ensign Styles," the officer inquired, now looking up from the padd.  "Why the Mars Perimeter Defense Forces?  There has to be more exciting assignments for a man of your talents."
    "I was uncertain where to go, Sir," Malachi admitted.  "While I certainly could have returned to the Eagle, that ship now has a new commander... Actually a new ship, and it would not have seemed right.  This assignment was suggested by the Academy provost, so I decided to accept."
    "Yes.  I do see the recommendations from Commander Janseen," the man commented.  "We lost a good officer when she decided to transfer to the academy."  The man then rose, and smiled to Malachi.  "I am Lt. Commander Andrew McCoy.  I command the Shitaq and you will be assigned as my science/ops officer.  Will that suit you?"
    "Yes sir, Commander," Malachi said.  "It will suit me perfectly."
    "Good then," McCoy said.  "Because we generally only spend eight hour cruise shifts throughout the sector, you have been assigned quarters here on the station.  You can stow them now, and report back to me, and I'll show you the ship.  Any questions?"
    "No, Sir."
    "Welcome to MPDF," McCoy said.  "See you shortly."


Ensign Malachi Fyrstk
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Mars Perimeter Defense forces
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