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Author Topic: Sim of 1011.17  (Read 4300 times)
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« on: November 17, 2010, 22:54:10 hours. »

(10:43:38 PM) CmdrCulkin: Ten Hut!
(10:45:00 PM) WanderingPath: *AA*
(10:45:41 PM) LtCdrSvann: ::AA::
(10:46:01 PM) AGrugan: ::AA::
(10:46:06 PM) JDAster entered the room.
(10:46:42 PM) JDAster: ::AA::
(10:48:10 PM) CmdrCulkin: Alright, last week the team seprated, Max remained on the planet, along with his mother, Brian and Kaelianna stepped through one of the portals, and the Knight was ordered to return home, which is where we will start with Svann in
(10:48:17 PM) CmdrCulkin: command...and any questions?
(10:49:00 PM) AGrugan: RH:
(10:49:47 PM) CmdrCulkin: Yes?
(10:50:10 PM) AGrugan: Am I on the AT or ship?
(10:50:28 PM) CmdrCulkin: Ship
(10:51:08 PM) CmdrCulkin: Any others?
(10:51:10 PM) AGrugan: Okey dokey
(10:51:24 PM) CmdrCulkin: Seeing none...LIGHTS! CAMERA!...AND.....
(10:51:28 PM) CmdrCulkin: ACTION!
(10:52:40 PM) LtCdrSvann: ::The White Knight and Moonbase Aplha have crossed back into their own universe::
(10:52:55 PM) LtCdrSvann: Mr. Aster, set course for the Admiral's new coordinates.
(10:53:23 PM) JDAster: Aye, Sir. ::taps on the console:: Course set, maximum warp.
(10:53:37 PM) LtCdrSvann: Engage.
(10:53:40 PM) WanderingPath: *steps onto the bridge, PADD in hand and twirling a gold lighter between his red scaled fingers*
(10:54:44 PM) CmdrCulkin: Craterface>Sir...the Signal is coming from the dead center of what has been termed Fervid HQ.
(10:55:02 PM) AGrugan: ::At her console,  having finished her diagnostic> She keeps one eye on it and on the action
(10:55:03 PM) CmdrCulkin: Craterface>::Playing Tactical tonight, muahha::
(10:56:11 PM) AGrugan: ??
(10:56:12 PM) JDAster: ((LOL))

(10:56:28 PM) WanderingPath: *steps over to Svann, handing him the PADD* I've finished fixing the microfractures on the hull and superstructure of the ship.
(10:56:36 PM) LtCdrSvann: Mr. Craterface, put us in stealth mode.
(10:56:54 PM) CmdrCulkin: Craterface>Aye sir...
(10:57:03 PM) LtCdrSvann: ::takes the PADD:: Excellent, Mr. Shen.
(10:57:04 PM) AGrugan: ((Ummm I thought I was tactical))
(10:58:10 PM) CmdrCulkin: (Your security...)
(10:58:39 PM) WanderingPath: *pulls out a cigarette case from his vest and looks at Svann* So... what rabbit do you expect me to pull out of my hat this time?
(10:59:12 PM) AGrugan: ((OOps scratch the last post
(10:59:41 PM) AGrugan: ::Sips a cup of hazelnut coffee as she sends her men on patrol and confers with her assistant
(11:00:00 PM) LtCdrSvann: ::raises a brow, looking at Shen:: I have never seen you wearing a hat.
(11:00:41 PM) JDAster: Mr. Svann, we are nearing the coordinates.
(11:01:24 PM) WanderingPath: It's an expression. *pulls out what looks like dark green cigarette and lights it up, having reprogrammed the fire supression system to ignore it*
(11:01:35 PM) LtCdrSvann: Slow to impulse, Mr. Aster.  Mr. Craterface, try and raise the admiral on a secure frequency.
(11:02:08 PM) LtCdrSvann: ::looks to Shen:: Smoking is not premitted on the bridge.
(11:03:03 PM) WanderingPath: *looks at Svann* These are for my health.
(11:04:17 PM) WanderingPath: Now... well... is there anything else I can do for you before I go down into my lab again?
(11:04:29 PM) CmdrCulkin: A. Craterface> Nothing sir, way too much distortion in the area...but it does seem like more and more Fervid vessels are coming into this secotr
(11:04:37 PM) CmdrCulkin: (Sorry couldnt resist)
(11:05:47 PM) LtCdrSvann: ::to Shen:: No, that will do for now.  Thank you.  :: looks to Craterface:: Keep scanning for his signal.
(11:06:16 PM) WanderingPath: *lets out a puff towards Svann and then heads for the turbolift*
(11:06:23 PM) CmdrCulkin: Craterface> Aye sir...
(11:07:23 PM) LtCdrSvann: ::waves away the smoke and sits back down in the command chair.::
(11:09:12 PM) WanderingPath: *heads on back to his lab, thinking he'll need the snacks now*
(11:10:02 PM) JDAster: We are in the area, Commander.
(11:10:56 PM) LtCdrSvann: Keep us on the move, Lieutenant.  Do what you can to avoid the Fervid ships.
(11:11:07 PM) JDAster: Aye, sir.
(11:11:24 PM) WanderingPath: *goes into the lab and looking at the gateway* Well... I don't need that emergency backup plan...
(11:11:25 PM) CmdrCulkin: A. Craterface> I'm detecting a major facility hub, the signal seems to match the power output of  the gates that the enemy has been using.
(11:13:34 PM) LtCdrSvann: Send coordinates to helm, continue monitoring.
(11:13:38 PM) WanderingPath: *checks over the engineering situation from the lab*
(11:13:55 PM) CmdrCulkin: Craterface> Sending coordinates now...
(11:14:47 PM) LtCdrSvann: Try re-sending the signal to Admiral Culkin.  Let him know we're here.
(11:15:54 PM) JDAster: ::Deftly maneuvers the ship to avoid Fervid detection::
(11:16:26 PM) CmdrCulkin: Craterface>::Tap, Tap, Tap::Signal sent...sir, oh crap, I think they know were here...two smaller Fervid vessels moving to intercept...
(11:17:11 PM) JDAster: Red alert.  Mr. Aster, move us out.
(11:17:26 PM) JDAster: Aye, sir.  MOving out.
(11:18:29 PM) LtCdrSvann: ::the ship moves out of the path of the Fervid ships::
(11:18:49 PM) AGrugan: ::hearing the alter, she sends her men to the more vunerable areas of the ship and heightened patrols as well.
(11:19:19 PM) LtCdrSvann: Target the ships, Mr Craterface, but fire only on my command.
(11:19:53 PM) CmdrCulkin: Craterface>Sir another two ships are moving from our stern, aye sir, ships targeted.
(11:20:07 PM) WanderingPath: *seeing the ship's status and frowning* This is not good...
(11:20:28 PM) LtCdrSvann: Mr. Aster.
(11:20:50 PM) JDAster: :: tapping the console:: Trying, Commander.  I really am.
(11:21:02 PM) JDAster: ::heads out of the system::
(11:21:49 PM) LtCdrSvann: ::taps on his console::
(11:22:06 PM) LtCdrSvann: Mr. Aster.  Course three-three two nine.
(11:22:31 PM) JDAster: ::looks down at his console:: Sir that will bring us around beh...
(11:22:51 PM) LtCdrSvann: I am aware where it will bring us, Lt. Carry out the orders.
(11:23:43 PM) JDAster: ::taps the console.:: The Knight immediately spins and loops around behind the second pair of Fervid ships::
(11:25:04 PM) JDAster: ::remains in the wake of the Fervid ships::
(11:25:43 PM) CmdrCulkin: Craterface>Sir! I've just lost the Admirals signal!
(11:26:10 PM) LtCdrSvann: We will regain it, Ensign.
(11:26:35 PM) LtCdrSvann: As soon as these ships decide whether they've lost us or not.
(11:28:35 PM) CmdrCulkin: Craterface> No sir, I mean, it's gone! It's not broadcasting!
(11:29:32 PM) LtCdrSvann: ::Nods:: As soon as I know the intentions of our.... hosts, we can reconcentrate on that problem ensign.
(11:30:19 PM) LtCdrSvann: Our immediate problem is to remain undetected.
(11:30:44 PM) JDAster: ::Mutters:: Won't be no good to the admiral if we get blown up.
(11:31:06 PM) WanderingPath: *going back to his work, a new torpedo frame that could hold a much higher power yield and would be interphasic as well*
(11:31:21 PM) LtCdrSvann: +Shen+ Bridge to Mr. Shen.
(11:31:40 PM) WanderingPath: +Svann+ Go ahead...
(11:32:09 PM) LtCdrSvann: +Shen+ I do believe we are going to need your unique services once more.
(11:32:18 PM) WanderingPath: +Svann+ What is it this time?
(11:32:56 PM) LtCdrSvann: +Shen+ We had, but lost the Admiral's signal as we have been trying to evade the Fervid ships.
(11:33:21 PM) WanderingPath: +Svann+ You want me to go back there for them?
(11:34:19 PM) LtCdrSvann: +Shen+ :: raises a brow:: I was thinking more along the lines of an enhancement to the signal receptors.
(11:34:32 PM) WanderingPath: +Svann+ I can do that too...
(11:34:42 PM) CmdrCulkin: AND.....PAUSE
(11:34:47 PM) LtCdrSvann: :: pauses::
(11:34:56 PM) WanderingPath: *paused*
(11:34:57 PM) JDAster: :: pausesZ::
(11:37:30 PM) CmdrCulkin: Well, wasnt exactly how I planned it but it more or less got the same goal accomplished...
(11:39:07 PM) CmdrCulkin: Alright Drey and I have been working on some logs, so expect to see those out shortly, and if you can contribute, please add to, feeding the inbetween stuff....
(11:39:26 PM) CmdrCulkin: Alrighty then, everyone we're off for next week, good night and good holidays!
(11:39:31 PM) AGrugan: Paused
(11:39:35 PM) CmdrCulkin: DISMISSED!

Lt. Commander Svann
Chief Security/Tactical/2nd Officer
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