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Author Topic: Captain's Log 201008.31 by Admml Culkin  (Read 1119 times)
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« on: September 01, 2010, 22:49:38 hours. »

    Brian sat alone in the quarters he and Drey shared. He wasn't quite sure where she was at the moment, but he figured it a good time to make an entry into his log, "Computer, begin Log."
    The computer chimed in response.
   Both the Knight and Moonbase Alpha have come through the slide more or less intact. Moonbase Alpha suffered some structural damage, but I have been assured by Admiral Archer that it will be fixed, or else it'll come out of my back end. None the less, it's been 24 hours since we arrived, and it's been quiet so far. However circumstances are going to force us to move sooner or later, enveloping moonbase Alpha in a cloaking field is draining energy supplies, while not at an alarming rate, were still depleted from the slide to make things worse. Arus is about a hop, skip, and a jump away. The plan of action at this point is to go there, and covertly make our way into the castle of this universes family...from there, Max thinks we can somehow draw the Fervid out, using Jessica, the boys biological mother. I'm not sure if this plan will work, but it was better than any others proposed which would have had us engaging in gorilla style manuvers over a long period of time. The Federation is too weak from it's former encounters to sustain much longer. May the gods help us...End log.
He ended it there, returning to the silence of his quarters.

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