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Author Topic: "Athena's Might"  (Read 4778 times)
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« on: August 18, 2010, 11:22:24 hours. »


   The technology aboard this vessel was absolutely incredible.  Admiral Detalya stood in front to the conference table looking at a three-dimensional holographic image of the battle going on out is space.  He saw Admiral Bendai's command ship as it was being attacked by the Borzine ships.  He saw Cruiser 88, and the damage inflicted upon it, and he worried.
   There were two Athena officers, both human, assigned to assist the admiral with working the different displays and communications.  Detalya looked to the ensign at the comm.
   "Open a link to the command ship," Detalya ordered.
   "The comm is open, Admiral," Ensign Anders replied immediately.
   "This is Admiral Detalya," the Starzen announced, to the air, much as he had seen Captain Mergahn do.  "I am with Chancellor Sanfer, and requesting a report."
   "Deen?" came the reply from the comm. It was clearly Admiral Bendai's voice. "Are you aboard the large ship that just dropped into the area?"
   "Yes, Boll, it's me," Detalya answered.  "My command ship is still by the Forbidden Zone.  Captain Mergahn offered to bring us here, along with the two extra cruisers."
   "Incredible," Bendai muttered.
   "We can discuss the technology later," Detalya insisted.  "What's the status?"
   "Well, a lot better now that the two new cruisers have arrived," the other admiral admitted.  "The Borzine have not set any demands, they have just started an all out assault.  There is a command ship just on their side of the border."
   Detalya looked to the science officer assigned to him.  Ensign Brand tapped on the console.  The 3-D image rotated and there was the Borzine command ship, right in front to Detalya's eyes.
   "Yes... I see it," Detalya announced.  It was clear by his tone he was definitely impressed.
   "Will that ship you're on be joining in the fray," Bendai asked.
   "Negative," Detalya responded.  "They have a strict no interference policy.  They will be picking up wounded off the Eighty-eight, I guess once they are certain the area is secure for their shuttles."
   "The wounded are already aboard, Admiral," Brand offered quietly.  Detalya again looked at the Starfleet officer unbelieving.
   "Well you better tell that Captain Mergahn to be on his toes," Bendai came back with.  "The Borzine command ship is coming your way."
   "On HER toes," Detalya corrected.  He watched the image of the Borzine ship on the move.  "I would imagine she already knows."
   "They are aware, sir," Brand reported.  "Captain Mergahn has already opened a channel and warned the Borzine off.  They are targeting the Athena."
   "Oh, this should be interesting," Sanfer noted, just off Detalya's left shoulder.
   They watched the energy bolts lance out from the Borzine command ship.  Both Detalya and Sanfer braced themselves for the vibrations that would surely come from the ship being struck, but nothing happened when the beams came in contact with the image of the Athena.
   "What happened?" Detalya asked.  "Did they miss?"
   "Negative, Admiral," Brand answered.  "It was a direct hit.  The shields absorbed the energy. No damage to the ship."
   Detalya and Sanfer exchanged looks.
   "Athena is targeting," Brand announced.
   "Can you magnify the image of the Borzine command ship?" Detalya asked.  Just as quickly, the Borzine ship increased in size. The phaser beams from the Athena struck the Borzine ship, with pinpoint accuracy, and the cannons were instant slag.
   "By all that is holy..." came Bendai's voice.
   Detalya and Sanfer, both, just stared at the Borzine ship as it turned and headed back into their space.
   "The Borzine are retreating, Admiral," Brand reported.  The holographic image returned to an over-all view.  Detalya watched as his ships were now pursuing the Borzine warships back across the border.
   "Boll. Have our cruisers end pursuit at the border."
   "You know we can't let this attack go unanswered," Bendai came back with.  Detalya and Sanfer exchanged glances.
   "We will discuss that shortly, Admiral," Sanfer called out.  "Let's regroup and take stock of damages and injuries."
   "Aye, Chancellor."
   "Admiral," Ensign Anders suddenly called out.  "You are wanted in sick bay."

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