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Author Topic: "Not Busy.... Yet" (JL Kaha/Dr Risingsun)  (Read 4630 times)
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« on: June 15, 2010, 22:29:28 hours. »

Peach rubbed the bridge of her nose as she read over the latest report from the night shift.  Medbay was at the moment quiet, but she knew that within the next half hour, everything would erupt .It was a Monday and there were the regular hypochondriacs, the individuals that would be brought in for quick treatments by station security and as of late the brave few from the Devils Elbow. The Devils Elbow inhabitants didn't usually come in for treatment and what was worrying her was the fact that if there was a regular stream of those who were willing to come in that were sick with a virus then what about those who hadn't come in.

She stood and headed for the replicator which would be a true miracle if she could get it to give her anything other then a glass of warm water.  Standing at it she shook her head, it wasn't really worth the frustration or the replicator ration either. Grabbing her padd, Peach went out the door of her office to make her rounds, pleasantly surprised to see Captain Kaha enter the Med bay.
    Judy glanced around at the quiet of Medbay, glad that her fears appeared unfounded. If there were a problem, surely they'd be busier. Without the need to ask about the suspected sickness, she felt foolish being here with only a little tickle in her throat which was probably from that 5 mile full pack run she'd taken this morning in one of the bar's holosuites. She hated paying the exorbitant rates there, but a run in the gym or around the corridors was not the same as running through the ice mountains of Andor.
    Still, she was here. And there was Dr. RisingSun, so she smiled and walked toward her. "Hello, Doctor. You don't know how glad I am that you're not busy!"

"Yet.." Peach replied as she looked over some results and nodded to a nurse. "Not yet busy .. but busy it will be very shortly, if its like any of the other days in the past two weeks and a Monday it is for that matter!"  She looked the Captain over, the tips of her ears twitching slightly "The matter is something?"
Clearing her throat to rid herself of the tickle again, Judy frowned, "Then there has been a rash of sickness? I've got several crewmen out today. From every department." She sighed, "No chance they're faking to protest conditions I take it?" She turned to cough as the tickle got the better of her for a moment. She noticed one of the security officers who'd called in sick wandering in, looking a little green around the gills.

 Peach nodded toward her office, once they were behind closed doors she handed Judy a padd. " How it has been that is.." she wanted to offer her a drink but knew it was pointless and that Judy was use to it " A virus is going around the Elbow..yesterday was the first rash of crew. Its treatable and clears pretty quickly though it does.. I.." she took a deep breath and glanced out at the med bay, her tail tip twitching with anxiety.
    Judy followed Peach's glance. There was a trickle of new patients coming into Medbay. She noted Peach's anxiety and while she digested the reference to the worst section of the station, she asked, "What is it?" Reaching over to touch the doctor who was becoming a friend's arm, she added, "You can tell me anything, you know."

  She gave Judy a slight toothy smile " I know.. " she turned from the window and tapped a button, with a sigh, on the console at the side of her desk.. The view on the side of her office light up showing a list and some diagrams. "What I've been trying to do this is.. give check ups, help the citizens but as you can see ..slow going it is..and these sort of illnesses they get worse in conditions like the Elbow. So far treatable, so far it can be handled, but no real idea I have of what's going on. I need details, I need to know the true scope" She found herself being reminded of a previous assignment in which things had not gone well. No matter how by the book, how careful one was, you could not control other people. Which reminded her; she glanced at the duty roster noting when Colonic started. He was far more troublesome then the worst patient she could think of.
    Judy nodded, considering, then, "Perhaps we can do some kind of public service announcement aimed at those in the Devil's Elbow.. I don't know if it'll help, but we can let them know that medical care is here for them. And if they're sick with this, no questions asked. I have a feeling some of them don't want us digging too deeply in what they do for a living.." She couldn't help but feel it a personal failure that the Devil's Elbow was still such a hotbed of criminal and semi-criminal activity. One of these days they'd cut the head off of this particular problem instead of just arresting on minor charges. But that was a different problem.
    "If there's anything you need to combat this, you know that Medbay is a priority for station resources." She glanced at her apparently unused or unusable replicator and felt guilty that her's was working. "That includes maintenance. If you have things that need repairs, I want them to have a high priority." With a chuckle, she added, "Not above life support... but close!"

 Peach rubbed her face and nodded with a smile " Yea..appreciated it is, all working fine is medical equipment though some is a little outdated. Otherwise its the non essentials we are just waiting on.." she glanced the replicator herself.
 She walked over to her office door and added " What is really needed is get health care into that place.. far more than just the few that end up coming in" The Medbay was now full on noise and it felt like an assault when her office doors opened letting in the chaos. " Oh and more man power..  a little stretched we've been feeling as of late"

    Judy nodded as she followed Peach out, "I'm working on it.. trust me." Noticing the gathering ill, Judy decided her tickle wasn't that important after all. She'd get some hot lemon tea from her replicator. And ask Engineering to make sure all the replicators in Medbay were put high on the repair list, including the ones in the doctor's offices.
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