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Author Topic: CHAT!!  (Read 5018 times)
Dan Landers
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« on: June 14, 2009, 18:15:52 hours. »


The Starfleet Phoenix Sim group now has a chat room.  If you would like to know more about our group, please feel free to drop into http://chat.spsims.com.  All you have to do is click CONNECT, and you will come in as an SP Guest.  If you already have a sim characer from another group, enter that onto the line in place of the "SPGuest" you see on the sign-on screen.  Just remember to be courteois.

   The chat room is IRC, but unlike IRC you may be familiar with, you need no special programs.  All you need is the browser.  Sign into the room, and join the fun.
   Once inside there are different commands you can use.  I shall list them here for you.
   /nick (new nickname) will change the display  name you are using.
   /join #room - will allow you to join other rooms on Mibbet.net such as tenforwardlounge, usseagle, ussathena
   /rmhelp - will give you a list of the commands we have created for the room. These are generally reserved for the CO to use.
   /axn message - =/\= ACTION: message =/\=
   /ra - =/\= RED ALERT =/\=
   /ya - =/\= YELLOW ALERT =/\=
   /cg - =/\= Condition Green =/\=
   /ba - =/\= BLUE ALERT =/\= (used by ships with atmospheric flight capabilities such as Intreprid-class ships)
   /aod - =/\= ATTENTION ON DECK =/\=
   /ps - =/\= PAUSE SIM =/\=
Character interaction commands:
   /tk CO XO message - CO> [XO] message
   /ta CO XO message - CO> + [XO] + message (used for comm-badge communications)
   /ata CO XO message - @ CO > +[ XO ]+ message (for away team comm-badge communications)
   /atk CO XO message - @ CO > [ XO ] message (away team interaction between characters)

The "CO" would be replaced by your position and the "XO" by whomever you wanted to interact with. Below is the list of position abbreviations:
   CO - Commanding officer
   XO - Executive (first) officer
   OPS - Operations officer
   HELM - Helm officer
   CMO - Chief Medical Officer
   AMO - Assistant Med officer (If there is more than one assist the AMO would be followed by a number, set up by the CO of CMO.
   CENG - Chief Engineer
   AENG - Assist,Chief engineer (if there is more than one engineer the abbreviation can be ENG#, as set by the CO or CENG
   CNS - Counselor
   CSEC - Chief of Security, in most cases is also the chief tactical officer
   TAC - Tactical officer, other than the CSEC.  This is more a bridge abbreviation.
   SEC(#) - Security officer(s).  If there is more than one the # will be a number set by the CO or CSEC.
   CSCI - Chief Science officer
   SCI(#) - Science officer(s).  If there is more than one science officer the # will be assigned by the CO of CSCI.

Again, your courteous use of the chat room(s) will be appreciated and made more enjoyable.
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Admiral Daniel C. Landers
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