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Congratulations Lukas Fyrstk for the promotion to rear admiral.
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James Hunter
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« on: October 17, 2008, 16:55:29 hours. »

      The monstrous red creature observed the fleet of spacecraft converge on the aperture that was being formed by one of their battleships.  They buzzed about like small insects, sending energy beams to attack the T'Kil vessel they faced.  It even appeared as if they were damaging it.  This was an unexpected development.  With a another wave, the images being received were sent outward for all to see.  The battle continued to rage, with the giagantic red vessels actually appearing to be on the losing side.  The weapons of the others were carving sections out of the red bio-hulls......something that hadn't been done in a very long time.  Interesting......unexpected......but interesting nonetheless.
      Finally, it appeared as if one of the ships sacrificed itself to close the aperture that was forming......causing it to become unstable and collapse in on itself.  Also......interesting.
      His blue eyes slowly opened, his body felt warm as a white light engulfed his body. Voices around him chatted,
      "Sacrifice was nobal"
      "But not needed, they will have their way."
      "So you say, but this latest turn is interesting, is it not?"
      "Hmm, so what shall we do with him?"
      "Send him back., it is not his time yet. He is one of three, who, will aid the cornerstone when the time is right."
      When he blinked again the voices were gone, and the white light replaced by a blue sky. His body seemed to become cold and damp, he looked down to see water rushing over him. Realizing this he scurried to his feet. He glanced down at his clothing, gone was the typical Fleet uniform color of Red and black withe the subtly grey, replaced by a white uniform, not the normal dress whites, but something altogether different.
       He needed to figure out where he was, and better yet how he had gotten here. He walked north for almost an hour before coming to a small settlement, to one of the females of the village approached him with a tray of exotic fruit and some sort of nectar. "Welcome to Risa, would you like some fruit, or perhaps drink?"
       Brian smiled for just a moment, "While normally I'd say yes, I have to decline, do you have somewhere I can send a signal out?"
       "Of course we do. It is right over there, please enjoy your stay." She smiled at him.
        He nodded, and crossed over to a small alcove where the small communication platform sat. Somehow he had been transferred halfway across the universe, and he couldn't quite explain now. Nor could he explain the voices he had heard, and their conversation. He wondered how long he'd been gone, and decided his first communication, should not be home, but to Command.
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