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Author Topic: 1935: A Time To T'Kil - Pt. 2  (Read 1174 times)
James Hunter
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« on: October 17, 2008, 16:54:47 hours. »

      The Watcher was alerted to the disturbance via the memory web that his people all shared.  With a wave of his hand over the crystal panel before him, he brought it into focus.  The technology was so far beyond what those known as humans could comprehend, that it would appear as magic......pictures in liquid crystal pools of light, appearing out of thin air.
      The monstrous red creature observed the fleet of spacecraft converge on the aperture that was being formed by one of their battleships.  They buzzed about like small insects, sending energy beams to attack the T'Kil vessel they faced.  It even appeared as if they were damaging it.  This was an unexpected development.  With a another wave, the images being received were sent outward for all to see.  The battle continued to rage, with the giagantic red vessels actually appearing to be on the losing side.  The weapons of the others were carving sections out of the red bio-hulls......something that hadn't been done in a very long time.  Interesting......unexpected......but interesting nonetheless.
      Finally, it appeared as if one of the ships sacrificed itself to close the aperture that was forming......causing it to become unstable and collapse in on itself.  Also......interesting.
      The Watcher did a calculation on the region this was all occurring in.  Ahhhhhh.  They had just started making small inroads there......nothing major as of yet.  With all they had to oversee, and with the lifespan they were gifted with that was almost that of the Universe itself, they could afford to be leisurely.
      However......this incident had attracted the Watcher's attention.  It had provided the creature with amusement......something that was very rare indeed.  Perhaps this region merited a closer look.  Perhaps their timetable needed to be altered to accommodate that.
      Only time would tell.
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