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Congratulations Lukas Fyrstk for the promotion to rear admiral.
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Author Topic: Captain's Log/Mission brief 190109  (Read 7 times)
Rayne McCloud
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« on: January 09, 2019, 18:59:35 hours. »

Captain's log
Stardate 73022.88 (01/09/2396, 09:00 hours)

Long-range sensors have picked up a Spaculan warship just entering this sector.  We are quite a long distance from the Spaculan Empire, so I am most curious to see what the ship is doing out this far. I have ordered an intercept course.


The Spaculan Empire is a small area of space surrounded by Federation space. Better than a decade ago, the Eagle, then and Intrepid-class ship commanded by Commodore Fyrstk, was assigned a diplomatic mission in Spaculan space. The Spaculans had built starships that were slightly modified Excelsior-class starships from designs stolen by a rogue admiral who became the Spaculan star fleetís commander. While there always had been internal struggles within the Spaculan borders, they always remained in their own space.  Now, it seems they have changed that.  The ship will be at Yellow alert.

Captain Rayne McCloud
Commanding officer
USS Eagle, NCC 89561
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