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Congratulations Lukas Fyrstk for the promotion to rear admiral.
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1  Ships & Stations of Starfleet Phoenix / Atlantis Station. Deep Space 13 / "Not Busy.... Yet" (JL Kaha/Dr Risingsun) on: June 15, 2010, 22:29:28 hours.
Peach rubbed the bridge of her nose as she read over the latest report from the night shift.  Medbay was at the moment quiet, but she knew that within the next half hour, everything would erupt .It was a Monday and there were the regular hypochondriacs, the individuals that would be brought in for quick treatments by station security and as of late the brave few from the Devils Elbow. The Devils Elbow inhabitants didn't usually come in for treatment and what was worrying her was the fact that if there was a regular stream of those who were willing to come in that were sick with a virus then what about those who hadn't come in.

She stood and headed for the replicator which would be a true miracle if she could get it to give her anything other then a glass of warm water.  Standing at it she shook her head, it wasn't really worth the frustration or the replicator ration either. Grabbing her padd, Peach went out the door of her office to make her rounds, pleasantly surprised to see Captain Kaha enter the Med bay.
    Judy glanced around at the quiet of Medbay, glad that her fears appeared unfounded. If there were a problem, surely they'd be busier. Without the need to ask about the suspected sickness, she felt foolish being here with only a little tickle in her throat which was probably from that 5 mile full pack run she'd taken this morning in one of the bar's holosuites. She hated paying the exorbitant rates there, but a run in the gym or around the corridors was not the same as running through the ice mountains of Andor.
    Still, she was here. And there was Dr. RisingSun, so she smiled and walked toward her. "Hello, Doctor. You don't know how glad I am that you're not busy!"

"Yet.." Peach replied as she looked over some results and nodded to a nurse. "Not yet busy .. but busy it will be very shortly, if its like any of the other days in the past two weeks and a Monday it is for that matter!"  She looked the Captain over, the tips of her ears twitching slightly "The matter is something?"
Clearing her throat to rid herself of the tickle again, Judy frowned, "Then there has been a rash of sickness? I've got several crewmen out today. From every department." She sighed, "No chance they're faking to protest conditions I take it?" She turned to cough as the tickle got the better of her for a moment. She noticed one of the security officers who'd called in sick wandering in, looking a little green around the gills.

 Peach nodded toward her office, once they were behind closed doors she handed Judy a padd. " How it has been that is.." she wanted to offer her a drink but knew it was pointless and that Judy was use to it " A virus is going around the Elbow..yesterday was the first rash of crew. Its treatable and clears pretty quickly though it does.. I.." she took a deep breath and glanced out at the med bay, her tail tip twitching with anxiety.
    Judy followed Peach's glance. There was a trickle of new patients coming into Medbay. She noted Peach's anxiety and while she digested the reference to the worst section of the station, she asked, "What is it?" Reaching over to touch the doctor who was becoming a friend's arm, she added, "You can tell me anything, you know."

  She gave Judy a slight toothy smile " I know.. " she turned from the window and tapped a button, with a sigh, on the console at the side of her desk.. The view on the side of her office light up showing a list and some diagrams. "What I've been trying to do this is.. give check ups, help the citizens but as you can see ..slow going it is..and these sort of illnesses they get worse in conditions like the Elbow. So far treatable, so far it can be handled, but no real idea I have of what's going on. I need details, I need to know the true scope" She found herself being reminded of a previous assignment in which things had not gone well. No matter how by the book, how careful one was, you could not control other people. Which reminded her; she glanced at the duty roster noting when Colonic started. He was far more troublesome then the worst patient she could think of.
    Judy nodded, considering, then, "Perhaps we can do some kind of public service announcement aimed at those in the Devil's Elbow.. I don't know if it'll help, but we can let them know that medical care is here for them. And if they're sick with this, no questions asked. I have a feeling some of them don't want us digging too deeply in what they do for a living.." She couldn't help but feel it a personal failure that the Devil's Elbow was still such a hotbed of criminal and semi-criminal activity. One of these days they'd cut the head off of this particular problem instead of just arresting on minor charges. But that was a different problem.
    "If there's anything you need to combat this, you know that Medbay is a priority for station resources." She glanced at her apparently unused or unusable replicator and felt guilty that her's was working. "That includes maintenance. If you have things that need repairs, I want them to have a high priority." With a chuckle, she added, "Not above life support... but close!"

 Peach rubbed her face and nodded with a smile " Yea..appreciated it is, all working fine is medical equipment though some is a little outdated. Otherwise its the non essentials we are just waiting on.." she glanced the replicator herself.
 She walked over to her office door and added " What is really needed is get health care into that place.. far more than just the few that end up coming in" The Medbay was now full on noise and it felt like an assault when her office doors opened letting in the chaos. " Oh and more man power..  a little stretched we've been feeling as of late"

    Judy nodded as she followed Peach out, "I'm working on it.. trust me." Noticing the gathering ill, Judy decided her tickle wasn't that important after all. She'd get some hot lemon tea from her replicator. And ask Engineering to make sure all the replicators in Medbay were put high on the repair list, including the ones in the doctor's offices.
Captain Judy Kaha
CO of Atlantis Station: DS13

Doctor Peach RisingSun
CMO of Atlantis Station
2  Ships & Stations of Starfleet Phoenix / Atlantis Station. Deep Space 13 / "Morning Report" (JL w/ Captain Kaha) on: June 14, 2010, 11:09:19 hours.
    Judy was ordering a racktajino and coffee from the replicator. Or should I say, *trying* to order. She whacked it with the palm of her hand on a spot that was starting to have a permanent dent, "I said Racktajino and coffee, frag it! Not rack of lamb and toffee! Try again you annoying piece of junk!" She gave it another, harder, whack just to be sure she got it's attention this time. By some miracle, it what she ordered winked to life just as her door chime went off. It only sounded like a slightly sick water buffalo this time.
    Kae walked into the captain's office, noting that the door actually opened fully this time.  He looked to Judy, pointing over his shoulder at the door. "JD actually fixed it this time, or is that just a fluke?"
    Judy turned to Kae, drinks in hand, and smiled, "It's working, try not to jinx it! I think he stole the worn activator part from somewhere else, but I'm not looking into that.." she laughed as she handed him his cup/glass and took a seat behind her desk.
    Accepting the drink offer from the captain, Kae took a sniff of his coffee before actually drinking it. He raised his eyebrows in surprise that it actually smelled like coffee this morning.  A tentative sip was taken.
    "Wow," he remarked.  "That actually tastes good.  How many times did it take you this morning?"
    Judy smiled as she took a sip of racktajino that tasted like racktajino, "Only twice, can you believe it? Aster might need a promotion." She chuckled.
    Washi chuckled.  "So, what wonderful news would you like to hear first?"
    Setting her mug aside, she sighed to herself, "Surprise me.."
    Kae took abother sip, then set his mug down.  "Well to start off, the Blue Wafierians have started their settlement building, however....And this is a big 'however.'  they haven't a frickin' clue what they are doing down there.  They have requested our help, in setting up their buildings."
    Trying not to laugh at the way he put that, Judy gave it a moments thought, "I suppose it would be neighborly of us to help. And since our engineers can't do a whole lot without new supplies, we can spare a few of them. See who Aster thinks would be good to send." Tilting her head, Judy continued, "You know, it might be good to include building engineers or designers from Aries IV. They'd be able to tell them about the moons natural resources and so forth. Perhaps if they build in a similar style to the them, the Arisians would be happier about leasing the moon. I know there's still some decent on the planet about the issue."
    "Okay," Kaemon agreed, keying in some notes on his PADD.  "Next up... Moduff still refuses to let our engineers aboard their ship.  Aster has .... well I don't want to say 'whined' about it, but he has expressed how difficult it is to deal with them.  They seem to want to pick his brains about that star-ship of theirs, and they're not giving him any information. PLUS, they're determined to get it back out there to find their attackers."
    Judy nodded, "Moduff has been quite closed mouthed with me as well. Something about.. how did she put it.. oh yes, 'We don't share information or technology with primitive and backwards cultures.' Something like their version of the prime directive I suppose.." She gave a weak chuckle, "Makes it hard to help them though. Although it seems like they're surprised we have the brain power to wipe our own.. noses.." Another head tilt, "How do they intend to go after their attackers if their ship barely works? And have they offered their video evidence yet? Perhaps we could know who it was by ship configuration."   
    "No, they haven't offered up the video about that yet," Kae answered her.  "I keep getting the run-around when I ask about it.  I think they just want us to bring anyone in and they'll take it from there."  He shook his head.
Judy shook her head, "That's not going to happen. I'll try to schedule another meeting with Moduff. We have to get to the bottom of this. I think you'll need to be with me. Perhaps between the two of us, they'll think we have enough intelligence to comprehend what they say." She gave him a half smile.
     "BUT..." Kaemon said, knowing he was going to complicate her morning.  "We do have to get out there.  Two more supply ships have been hijacked.  Hblah, the new 2nd Commissioner, of the Commerce Board, jumped me on the promenade, this morning, and gave me an earful.  He's threatening to pull more businesses off the station if we, or Starfleet, doesn't catch the pirates soon."   
    Judy winced at two pieces of news she didn't want to hear. She looked at her mug and momentarily wished it were blood wine.. Inwardly she shook her head at herself, that wasn't a very 'fleet' thought. Taking it one at a time, "Ok.. tell Hblah that pulling businesses off station won't help anyone, and besides, while the attackers are still out there, they'd be more likely to be attacked as they abandon the station than if they stayed under our dubious protection." She smirked, "Leave out the 'dubious' part please.."
    Taking a fortifying sip, she continued, "I want the Cavalier ready for another patrol this morning. I want science to be working on a way to scan the Muntz Field better. I'm convinced that's where they're hiding from our scans and patrols." Her temper temporarily got away from her and she slammed her fist on her desk, her half empty racktajino jumped, but didn't tip, thankfully, "Damn those green aliens!" It still rankled that they wouldn't even share the name of their species, "If we worked together this could be over!" Taking a deep breath, she shot an apologetic look at Kae, "Sorry.. I'm getting that meeting with Moduff.. whether she likes it or not. THIS morning."
    The station's XO nodded.  "No apology necessary, Captain.  I definitely feel your frustration. And don't worry about HBlah.  I think he was just show-boating for the merchants.
    "Aster has assured me that Cavalier is ready to go out.  That's a great idea about he sensors.  I agree about them hiding in the Field.  If we can find a way to even get SOME eyes in there, we can smoke 'em out."
    Judy nodded, calming as quickly as she heated up. "Agreed." She consulted her note PADD, "I understand two more Main Ops crewmen are down sick? We're going to need to review the schedule I think, with all the substitutions, I'm not sure who's here or who's supposed to be." And that tickle in the back of her own throat.. well, she'd growl that out later.
    Kaemon nodded.  "Aster did report two more of his engineers also reported in sick.  I think security is down by five this morning."   
    Judy looked down the list of Security reporting for duty this morning. She saw the Brikkar's name on the list, "Well, at least Mak is there, he's like what? three Terrans?" She chuckled. A quick scroll through the list of those out in all departments brought a frown to her face, "Tell me Kae, have you heard any rumors about this? Is it legitimate or do we have a.. what do they call it.. a 'blue flu' situation on our hands? You know what I mean? People calling in sick to protest working conditions? I know things aren't great around here, but are our crewmen having a more difficult time than I know?" She hated the idea that she was out of touch with her crew's feelings. Though being CO on a decrepit station did leave little time for socializing.
     "I haven't heard of any 'Blue-flu'," Kae assured the CO.  "Strangely enough, despite Starfleet's lackadaisical attitude towards us out here, the crew seems pretty content.  At least that is the impression I have been getting."   
    She nodded, "Except for Colonic I'm sure," she chuckled. "I wonder then, is the civilian population dealing with the same thing?"
    "Colonic," Kae commented with a sort of snort.  "The only way he'd be happy is if we all started calling him 'His Majesty.'  I haven't heard as much about the civvies on the station.  I would think the CMO would be telling you more about them, than me.  But I can check with her, if you wish."
    Judy cleared her throat trying to get rid of that persistent tickle, and shook her head, "Don't worry about it, I think I gave you enough to do at the moment. I'll head down to Medbay myself and ask around. I was.. going to stop at the repli-mat for lunch anyway and it's on the way."
    "Sounds good," Kaemon agreed.  He took his last sip of coffee.  "Man.  That really is good this morning. Dare I try for a second cup?"   
    "Depends," Judy smirked, "How strong is your wrist feeling?" She gestured toward the dented replicator, "You're welcomed to try."
Captain Judy Kaha
CO of Atlantis Station: DS13
Lt. Commander Kaemon Washi
Acting XO
Atlantis Station DS-13
3  Ships & Stations of Starfleet Phoenix / Atlantis Station. Deep Space 13 / JL "Instilling Trust" on: August 14, 2008, 22:24:28 hours.


   The cargobay doors slid open, and as the Captain, the first officer and the chief engineer entered, they passed through a force field that was holding the altered atmosphere in that room. Judy noted Dr. RisingSun and Dr. O'Leary at one bedside and headed in that direction.
    "Captain," Molly acknowledged, "May I present.." At that moment she realized she never asked the leader's name, "Um.. The, uh, leader of the.." She also didn't know the name of their race. Her face flushed deeply and she ended lamely, "The leader."
    Judy stepped closer, "Welcome to Atlantis Station, I'm Captain Judy Kaha. This is my first officer, Commander Kaemon Washi, and my Chief Engineer, Lt. JD Aster."
    Moduff slowly looked them all over, glanced back to Molly and Peach, then nodded her head almost regally at Judy, "I am Moduff."
    "Hello." Judy smiled, "We have a few questions, if you're up to it."
    Moduff sighed, then nodded again, "You may interrogate me now if you wish."

JD stayed back a bit from the bed.  He didn't want to crowd the alien captain.

"No, Captain," Washi said, with an easy smile. "We aren't going to  interrogate you.  We only want to find the best way to repair your ship and get back what was stolen from you."
    "So you have said," Moduff acknoledged, "and yet, here you are wanting to get back aboard our ship. I can only presume you want to see what you missed taking previously."
    Judy frowned, "That is not how Starfleet does things. I don't know who attacked you.."
    Moduff cut her off, pointing her three fingered hand at Judy's uniform, "Your clothing is the same, so are the markings at the neck. If that is a Starfleet uniform, then it was indeed Starfleet that attacked and ransacked us." There was a tinge of bitterness in the well modulated voice, but resignation seemed to fill her.
    Judy exchanged a glance with Kae, then back at the Moduff, "I will not send anyone to your ship without your permission. If you wish, no one will ever go without an escort from one of your crewmen." She changed the subject slightly, "I understand you may have a record of who attacked you? We want to help you get that so we can find whoever it was. Would you prefer to wait until your own crew can get there themselves?" She gestured to JD, "I'm sure Lt. Aster can get air, if not life support, to the bridge of your ship without compromising your security." She looked to JD for conformation.

"Of course, Captain,"  JD acknowledged.  He then looked to Moduff.  "If I may say so, Captain, if we were the ones whom originally attacked your ship, I would hardly thing we would be having this conversation right now."

Kaemon nodded agreement with Aster's comment.  He also addressed Moduff. "As I said earlier, sir, not all who wear this uniform are upstanding.  The majority are, and Starfleet is constantly trying to weed out the bad ones.  Your attackers could even be posing as one of our fleet."
    One unblinking eye regarded them for several moments without comment. Then the thin green shoulders gave a semblance of a shrug, "I have no choice, I suppose. I would like to be with whoever goes to my ship. If you can get minimal life support," she looked at Judy as if trying to gage if this was going to fly, "I would prefer my crew do the repairs, as much as they can."
    Judy nodded, "That's fine. We'll offer any help we can, but you need not accept any of it." She turned to JD, "Do what you can to get oxygen or life support to their bridge from here. Without compromising their security and privacy. If you need to beam over, take Moduff or one of her crew with you. As a matter of fact.." Judy turned to Moduff, "If one of your people is up to it, they can go with JD now, if you wish."
    Moduff, seemed surprised, but then looked around at the biobeds, her head tilted toward one little green person, who tilted their head back. Both nodded then Moduff looked at JD, "Kre will accompany you."
    Judy smiled, "Very good. Lt., let us know when their ship is ready for Moduff to beam over."

Captain Judy Kaha
Commanding officer

Lt Commander Kaemon Washi
Executive officer

Lt. jg Jeremy Aster
Chief Engineer
4  Ships & Stations of Starfleet Phoenix / Atlantis Station. Deep Space 13 / "The Way to Fix Things" on: June 19, 2008, 23:25:19 hours.


The sight could not have been funnier, had it been rehearsed.  The Chief Engineer getting caught between the automatic doors almost sent Kaemon to the deck in laughter.  It was only by sheer will-power that he managed to keep it to a small chuckle.  The laughter came when JD smacked the replicator to get it working.

"Four years of all that technological teaching, and that's how things get fixed around here," Kaemon said, to no one in particular.  "I love it.  Could you smack me up a cup of tea there, Lieutenant?"

There was one thing, Kaemon now knew, for certain.  The many things you took for granted, aboard a finely tuned starship, were true luxuries aboard this station.  At first, Kaemon had thought it to be due to the lack of real leadership and discipline, that things were in such poor condition around here.  But, he had come to see that Captain Kaha was a good commanding officer, and the engineering teams were not sleeping on the job.  This station had been so poorly maintained by it's previous commander, that is was in need of a lot more than just TLC.  It really needed to be dismantled and replaced, but that wasn't going to happen soon.

"So....Captain," Kaemon said, bringing his attention back to the here and now.  "Our new.... guests.  Any conclusions? Ideas as to what to do with them?"

5  Ships & Stations of Starfleet Phoenix / Atlantis Station. Deep Space 13 / "What Next?" on: May 21, 2008, 09:52:42 hours.


The shower felt so good, Kaemon did not want it to end.  Reluctantly he turned off the water, stepped out and dried himself off.  Station business had to go on, and it was time to attend to it. There was still the matter of what to do with the aliens and their ship.  Would the engineers be able to do anything with it?  It was in pretty bad shape.  If they would not be able to handle it, a alternative method would have to be com up with to send the aliens back to their homewoeld.  It was important to Kaemon, that they do what they could to help the new beings.  He assured them he would.

Once again in uniform, Kaemon tapped his comm badge.  "Commander Washi to Lr. Aster.  Can you meet with me in Captain Kaha's office as soos as possible?"

6  Ships & Stations of Starfleet Phoenix / Atlantis Station. Deep Space 13 / Welcome Home Cavalier, continued on: February 01, 2008, 23:17:46 hours.

    "Cavalier, this is Captain Kaha. Leave the alien ship in station orbit, I'll be sending out a shuttle to guard her. Then you are clear to dock. Medbay will be ready to receive the survivors soon. From your reports, I see that they'll have to adjust environmental controls first. I'll want a complete, thorough decontamination during beam in. And, as per protocol, this will include the entire crew of the Cavalier as well." She paused, then, quirking half a smile, "Oh, and welcome home, Commander Washi."


"Thank you, Captain. It's good to be back," Washi replied.  The comm link was then closed.  "Ensign Bacon. you heard the captain.  Release the star-ship in standard station orbit."

"Aye, sir," Bacon responded.  She was already tapping on the controls for the tractor beam.  "Ship released, sir."

"Very good.  You may dock the ship," Kaemon replied.  He touched the intership comm.  "This is Lt. Commander Washi.  We will be docking shortly.  Al personnel will transport back to the station instead of using the docking portal.  Transporter officers are ordered to use hi-Decon protocols.  Dr. O'Leary.  Station Med-Bay will contact you when they are ready to transport patients. Engineering, make certain the emergency sick bay is also properly deconned.  I will be returning directly to the station to give my report to Captain Kaha.  Once again, job well-done everyone.  Washi out."

7  Ships & Stations of Starfleet Phoenix / Atlantis Station. Deep Space 13 / Cavalier's Return on: January 23, 2008, 19:44:52 hours.


The return trip seemed to take forever.  Of course, it had taken twice as long because they had to go slower with the alien star-ship in tow.  Finally, the awaited news came from helm.

"captain," Ensign Sonya Bacon reported from the Cavalier's helm.  "We are on approach to Atlantis Station."

"Put it on screen," Washi ordered.  In an instant the view changed from the stars to that of Deep Space 13.  The station still looked somewhat beat, despite Captain Kaha's continuing efforts to restore it, but it was a welcome sight nonetheless.

"Contact station OPS and obtain landing instructions," Kaemon ordered her.  He pressed the control on his console which gave him ship-wide communications.

"Attention all crew.  This is Lt. Commander Washi.  We are now on approach to Atlantis Station.  We will not be debarking until cleared by Captain Kaha.  All departments, please make contact with you respective departments on the station and coordinate the accommodations for Captain Moduff and her crew.  I would like to thank you al for your professionalism on this mission.  First Contact with a species is always tricky at best, and you all performed above and beyond.  Captain Kaha will be receiving a full report from me and my recommendations for commendations.  That is all."

"Ensign Bacon," Kaemon said to the helmsman. "Send a complete recording of our session with Captain Moduff to OPS, and inform Captain Kaha we will be awaiting her instructions on the disposition of the alien ship and crew."  Ensign bacon acknowledged the orders and sent the required communiqu?.
8  Ships & Stations of Starfleet Phoenix / Atlantis Station. Deep Space 13 / "The Sound Of One Eye Blinking" on: August 30, 2007, 15:06:13 hours.


"Captain," came the voice of Ensign Sonya Bacon from the hlem of the USS Cavalier.  "We have cleared the radiation field."

"Extend the sheilds around the alien vessel and go to warp. "

"Aye, sir.  Bacon touched the controls on her console.  Quickly enough, Kaemon felt the familair thrum of the engines as the small starship jumped to warp.  "Warp 4.5, Captain.  Safest speed for towing the alien craft.  ETA to the station, five hours."

"Very good, Ensign," Kaemon said.  He rose from the command chair and headed for the lift.  "Mr. Hemphon.  You have the bridge.  I am headed below to check on our guests."

     It did not take Washi long to make his way to the cargo bay now being used as a make shift sick bay.  He entered the quickly set-up medical area and looked for a Dr. O'Leary.

     Dr. Molly O'Leary was just finishing with a patient when she saw Commander Washi, strike that, he was in charge of the Cavalier so he was to be called Captain. She saw Captain Washi enter. She pressed a hypo to the alien's neck, checked a reading and made her way to where he was, "Captain Washi. I take it you're here for a report?"

    "Indeed, I am, Doctor," Kaemon said with a smile on his face.  He glanced over to the aliens she had just been working with.  "Is everything okay?"
    Molly looked back over the aliens as Kaemon did, she couldn't help the concerned look on her face, "Well, it's hard to say. If one of them would regain consciousness.."
Almost as she said it, the EMH called for her, "Dr. O'Leary, I believe one of your patients is waking up."
    Molly smiled at Kaemon, "Well, you're the good luck charm then. Let's see what he has to say." With that, she rushed over toward the EMH where a little green man was just blinking his one central eye, a soft groan emanating from his slit like mouth.

     Kaemon cautiously followed Dr. O'Leary.  He probably should have a phaser, was the last minute thought that crossed his mind, but too late.  He stopped at the foot of the make-shift bio-bed.
    "Hello," Molly said softly as she ran a medi-tricorder over the alien, "How are you feeling?" She knew he probably didn't understand her, it did take time for universal translators to pick up and translate a new language. The more you talk and get them to talk, the faster it would be. Therefore she was quite surprised when the alien started speaking in Federation Standard.

    "I am feeling poor." Came the alien's answer in a wavering whisper. He, or she, (even though they wore no clothing, they could not tell since they had no visible differences), looked around, bypassed the EMH, but looked carefully at Molly, Kaemon and even Dylan working across the room. "Where have you taken us?"

    Kaemon was also surprised that the alien had spoken Federation Standard.  He had no recollection of any beings which resembled these beings.  He took the opportunity to chime in.
    "We have brought you aboard our vessel," Washi said tot he alien.  "I am Commander kaemon Washi, captain of the USS Cavalier.  We received your distress signal and found your ship."
    The alien seemed distressed at that answer, his heart rate shot up, then he lay back, resigned, "I suppose it will do no good to beg for my crew or to ask that you not take our technology." He sighed, "If you are going to kill us, please, do so before the others wake up. They might be spared our ultimate humiliation. If your intent is to make us slaves, then I ask that you allow us to finish healing before doing.. whatever it is you intend. It is a small request of your conquered foes." He spoke with great dignity and resignation for one who was just at death's door.
    Kaemon made no effort to try and hide the surprise at the alien's response.  He also found it a bit humorous, but was able to hold back any laughter.
     "It is not our intention to either kill you, enslave you, or take your technology.  We are officers of Starfleet, an exploratory and peace-keeping force for the Federation of Planets. We only wish to help you, and repair your ship, if such is possible."
    With difficulty he pulled himself up to a sitting position and looked with great disgust directly at Kaemon, taking him for the highest ranking person in the room. He ignored Molly's apparent shock at what he was saying, and brushed off her attempt to help him sit. Eye riveted to Kaemon's, he said, in a carefully controlled tone, "I know what you are. We have come into contact with your Star Fleet before. How do you think we came to be damaged?" Apparently at the end of his strength, he just shook his head and seemed to slump a little, "What you say will not be what you will do. I have seen it before. My only regret is that it was you who received our distress message and not our home world."
     Kaemon thought a moment.  Could one of their starships attacked the alien vessel? "Where were you attacked?"
    The alien's eye blinked slowly, he was obviously tiring, but as he rubed a three fingered hand over his brow, he managed to whisper coordinates very near where they'd been found.
    Molly ran the scanner over him again, "Captain, this may be too much for him right now."
     The alien pulled himself up a little straighter, though still blinked slowly, "I will be fine." He looked around the room, seeming to be counting beds and bodies. "Is this all of us?" He asked quietly."
    Molly looked around too, then answered softly, "All of the survivors are here."
     Kaemon debated on offering to take the aliens to their homeworld, but he figured that the aliens might see it as an invasion attempt and refuse to give their homeworld coordinates.  Instead, he moved to a computer console not too far from the alien's bed.  He called up the external monitor... which showed the view of their smaller ship in tow buy the Cavalier's tractor beam.
"We left those who had not survived aboard your ship," he told the alien. "We are headed back to our station where you can contact your homeworld, and receive much better medical treatment. Are you the commander of this vessel?" Kaemon was pointing tot he alien ship on the monitor.
     Looking as if he did not believe a word Kaemon said, the alien nonetheless looked at the screen, and seeing their ship in tow, he managed to look even more upset, "I see you are taking your prize back to your home. You clean up better than your comrades." Too tired to continue, he lay back on the bed, but after a moment he opened his one eye again, "No, I am not the commander. I am what you would call the second in command."
    He sat up and looked around, almost frantically for a moment, then took a deep breath when his eye lit on one of the aliens, "There is our leader, Moduff. Though it's almost a shame that he is alive to see us come to such an end. Such disgrace. This has been a most unfortunate mission." He lay back, his eye closing as he muttered, "An unfortunate end to our careers."

    Molly scanned again, then looked at Kaemon, "I'm afraid he's passed out. He's suffered a lot of trauma. I don't believe he's in any danger, but he obviously needs rest more than anything else." Then she frowned, "Could he really have been attacked by a Starfleet vessel?"
    "It's not unheard of," Kaemon answered. "to have a Starfleet captain go bad.  It's more likely they could have been attacked by someone CLAIMING they were with Starfleet, especially considering the comment he made about us 'cleaning up.'"
     Kaemon glanced over to the alien identified as the ship's commander.  "What shape is that one in?  Can we wake it up?"
    Molly moved over to the alien leader and scanned him, "He's not in critical condition, however, I am not sure giving him a stimulant is the best thing."
    Without opening the one eye, the alien whispered in a softer, possibly more feminine voice, "I do not need your stimulants, thank you. Camde was right, this is an unfortunate situation." The one eye opened and looked directly at Molly as if she'd been listening for a while, then her head turned and she looked at Kaemon as if assessing him, "What is it you want from us?"
     "As I explained to your first officer," Kaemon said, in as friendly a voice as possible, "We want nothing more than to aid you.  It is unfortunate you were attacked.  I would like to see records on whom had attacked you."
    "Yes, I'm sure you would," Moduff said, her eye unwavering as she watched Kaemon. "You say you wish to aid us. But even if that were true, I fear it is impossible. With what your fellow officers stole, our ship is unlikely to be repairable. And that means it is even more unlikely that we will be able to return home within our lifetime."
    Adjusting herself a little more comfortably on the biobed, she turned her gaze to the ceiling, "I have no doubt that that means you will be ransacking our ship for more technology that is far beyond your understanding. Just as I doubt you understand yet the technology behind what you've already taken. But that hasn't stopped you from using it, has it?" There was a little bitterness in her tone, but more resignation.

     Kaemon's interest piqued at her mentioning of technology stolen.  He would have to be careful in finding out about it.  Maybe even wait until they were back at the station and let Captain Kaha talk with the aliens.
     "Captain," Kaemon started just as friendly as before.  "What can I do to show you we do not mean your people harm or wish to steal your technology?"
     She turned that one eye back on Kaemon and considered for a moment. He was being far more reasonable than she had expected from her previous encounters with his kind. Softly, she simply said, "Return what was stolen and leave us go on our way." She waited, almost daring to hope.
     "I would be glad to do that," Kaemon said with all the assurance he could muster.  "I will need to know what was stolen, and again, if you have any records of who attacked your ship."
    With a sigh that turned into a groan as she heaved herself up into a sitting position, she said, "Allow me back aboard my ship and I will attempt to get you a visual record of the attack." As she tried to move off of the biobed, she swayed and put a hand over her mouth. A sound recognizable to just about every species across the galaxy reverberated from her throat as she lost the contents of her two stomachs onto the cargobay floor.
    Molly quickly grabbed her arm to keep her from falling to the floor, "Perhaps that could wait until we get back to the station?" she raised a brow at Kaemon. "Besides, there was no oxygen on the ship."
    Moduff closed her eyes and allowed Molly to help her lay down again with a groan, "Oxygen would be helpful.." she said, almost sounding like a joke.
    Kaemon smiled at Moduff's comment.  "Dr. O'Leary is quite correct, Captain.  We wil be back at out station in a few hours.  We will be able to stabilize your ship better and you can get back aboard.
    "You will be able to see to those who had not survived as well as retrieve the visual records of the attack.  Will that suit you, Captain?"
    Though she frowned at the mention of a station, she said, "Yes, that will suit me." Her eye scanned the room and she seemed to count bodies. Then, obviously overcome with exhaustion, she closed the eye.
    Molly scanned and then looked at Kae, "I think she will be alright. She needs rest, that should aid in her healing. Though I hope one of the survivors is a doctor.."
    Kaemon nodded.  He now had a new worry on his mind, and wished the station were closer.  "Let's hope that whomever did attack them, cannot figure out what it is they have stolen from them. I'll be on the bridge if you need anything."
    Molly nodded then returned to the worst case patient. He was looking a little less gray, but still, his readings were not good. At least, she assumed they weren't good for his species.
Lt. Cmndr Kaemon Washi
Acting XO
Captain of the USS Cavalier
Dr. Molly O'Leary
NPC by Andy
9  Ships & Stations of Starfleet Phoenix / Atlantis Station. Deep Space 13 / "Securing the Ship" on: August 16, 2007, 11:22:23 hours.

 Leaving Mike Randal at the entrance to the shuttle, Mak called for beam out directly to the bridge. His rock-like bulk shimmered out of existence as Mike closed the hatch only to shimmer back into existence somewhat behind Kaemon's chair. "Captain," Mak reported, coming around to look at Kaemon, "We beamed 23 aliens to the cargo bay. Three more were found dead, we left them there for now. Randal is in the shuttle and will be back on board momentarily. I believe we should not move the ship without our shields extended around it. Structural integrity is not good over there."

Kaemon nodded his agreement to the security chief's assessment.  "Ensign Bacon, as soon as we clear this soup, bring the alien ship close eonough to extend the sheilds around it."  The helmsman acknowledged Kaemon's order.  On the forward viewscreen, the shuttle lifted off the hull and spun on it's axis, heading directly back to the Cavalier

Spinning the shuttle around was the easy part.  Mike noted, however that the sensors were even more useless than on the trip over.  The radiation was increasing.  Fortunately, he could see the Cavalier.  He would not need the umbilical that had been attached.  The flight back was somewhat tricky as the currents had increased.  The Cav's helmsman must have been having a heck of a time keeping the ship in place. Mike brought the shuttle to the rear of the Cavalie and entered the  shuttle bay.  The umbilical was retracted and the bay doors closed.

"The shuttle is aboard, Captain," came the voice of Sonya Bacon.  Seh touched another control.  "Tractor beam activated."

"Very Good, Ensign," Kaemon answered.  "Let's get out of this mess.  Mr. Hemphon.  As soon as we are clear, contact the station and let them know we are on our way home with a ship and casualties."

Ensign Bacon turned the Cavalier and carefully made her way out of the radiation soup with the alien craft in tow.

Lt. Cmndr Kaemon Washi
Acting XO

Ltjg Mak Hemphon
Chief of Security

Ensign Mike Randal
NPC Engineer played by JD Aster
10  Ships & Stations of Starfleet Phoenix / Atlantis Station. Deep Space 13 / "Let's Get Out of This Soup" on: July 10, 2007, 11:13:47 hours.


"Sir," Ensign Bacon called from her station.  "I am starting to detect a radiation leakage through the shields."

"Any estimation until failure?" Kaemon asked.

"Twenty minutes at most, sir."

Kaemon frowned.  He reached up and tapped his comm badge. "Washi to Away Team.  Step it up, Mr. Hemphon.  We have to get out of this soup within fifteen minutes."

    Mak walked beside the smaller human engineer, peering through the gloomy ship looking for survivors, automatically he tapped his commbadge, a dull metallic clank resounded from his rock like finger on the small object. "Aye, sir. We should be done soon. No sign yet of other survivors. Mak out."
    As soon as he closed the comm, they reached another door. The door was not shut completely and he pressed his craggy head to the slit and tried to see inside, shining his palm beacon through at the same time. What he saw made him draw a sharp breath. He could see clear through to space.
    Some kind of force field was keeping the room contained, but it must have gone up just a little too late. Or else whatever took out the bulkhead had done the deed. For inside the room were three bodies. He didn't have to go in and check, he knew they were dead. One was only half there, the other half obviously on the other side of the forcefield. Another was in a pool of it's own gore. And the last was right by the door, must have been trying to get out when he died.
        He backed away from the door with a grunt that sounded like gravel being grated, saying to Mike, "None alive here. I don't think they want the bodies now, do you?"

Mike couldn't help but peer through the open door.  He knew what would be on the other side would not be pleasant.  The security chief's reaction told him that much, but it was one of those incidents where you just couldn't help yourself. Just like a major accident on the freeways back on Earth, you knew there was carnage and all sorts of bad stuff, but you just HAD to look.

"No, sir," Mike told the Brikkar.  "I would assume they can wait til we get this ship back to the station."
Back aboard Cavalier, Kaemon watched the minutes tick by.  "Ensign, are we ready to lock onto that ship and get out of here?"

"Everything is set, Captain," Bacon responded.  f"We just need to retrieve the remainder of the away team."

"Can we at least move the ship out of this radiation soup?" Kaemon asked.

"Given the structural damage of the alien ship, sir, I would not recommend it while our people are aboard."

"Washi to the away team," he said tapping his comm badge.  "Three minutes to get to the shuttle and get back here."

   Mak's voice rumbled into his commbadge, "Aye sir. We haven't found any more survivors, just bodies. I don't think we're going to find anyone else. We'll call for beam out within the three minutes. Mak out."
    He looked at Mike, "I would say that between this search and the one we did before Doctor O'Leary found the survivors that we've covered probably 90% of the ship. Do you agree?" As he asked, he moved like a rock slide down the corridor, checking the last few rooms as he went.

"I agree, sir," Randal replied.  "I will head back to the shuttle, and get it back to the Cavalier. "

Lt. Commander Kaemon Washi
Acting Executive Officer

Ensign Mike Randal
NPC Engineer played by JD
Dr. Molly O'Leary
NPC by Andy

LT jg Mak Hemphon
Chief of Security
Atlantis Station
Dylan Chase
Petty Officer First Class
Science Division
NPC by Hunter

Ensign Bacon
NPC by Kaemon
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