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Title: USS Eagle
Post by: Lukas Fyrstk on July 09, 2009, 10:42:37 hours.

    For well over fifty years, Luktra tr'Fyrs'tk, has lived in exile from his homeworld of ch'Rihan (Romulus).  He was once a proud warbird commander, but for the sake of the Empire, and possible embarrassments they would have to face, he accepted the exile.  He fell in love with a Terran woman, settled in the Sol system, and had two sons.  He even changed his last name so his sons would not have to fear about being called Romulan spies.  Only a very few in the Empire knew the truth of his exile.  It was by his own mother's request, a very powerful woman in Rihannsu politics, that he finally agreed to act in the best interests of the empire he loved.
    In all that time, he never lost contact with the Empire.  He knew full well of things going on.  On this morning, he was sitting at the computer, reading the latest proceedings of the Senate.  He read over Ambassador Spock's speech, then sat back in his chair.
    "They'll never listen," Luktra said aloud.
    "Listen to what, dear," Jessica Fyrstk, his beloved Terran wife asked him.  She set a fresh cup of coffee in front of him.
    Luktra recanted Spock's speech to his wife.  She listened intently.  She could see, and understood her husband's frustration.  For the longest time, she wondered why he cared so much about the empire.  The very ones who turned their backs on this good man.  Luktra had never told her the full tale, until recently.  When the full tale was finally revealed to her, including the involvement of her own son and his ship, she understood why.
    "We could contact Starfleet," Jessica suggested.
    "I am certain they know, already, e'lev.  I am just not sure what they can and or will do about it."
    "What can we even do about it?" Jessica asked.  Her own frustration was mounting, just worrying about her husband.  "We only have the old passenger shuttle, and that will never make it to the Empire."
    Luktra thought long and hard.  His wife was correct. There wasn't much he could do about it, but then thought of someone who could.  He turned to his wife and offered a smile.

to be continued...

Title: Re: USS Eagle "Romulus Down"
Post by: Lukas Fyrstk on July 15, 2009, 15:37:52 hours.

    The ominous message had been received by all the Federation starships that were involved in the rescue mission to Nigala.  Lukas looked it over two, three times, as Ensign Banning piloted the Eagle's Wing back to the ship.



    "This cain't be true," Lukas muttered. "Romulus.... gone?"
    Banning did not say a word.  He could hear a certain .... concern in the captain's voice.  As soon as the shuttle was docked, Lukas was out the door.

    "Ah want a verification of this message," Lukas demanded the minute he burst onto the bridge.  The OPS officer looked up in total surprise. "Ensign, verifah this message, recall key personnel, immediately!"
    "I had her do that already, Lukas," Commander Haas said in a hushed voice.  He had gotten up from the command seat and walked over to the commodore.  He knew Lukas had family on Romulus, and was expecting this reaction.  "There was a slight error.  Romulus hasn't been destroyed yet, but.... it's imminent."
    "They're looking for a mass evacutation?"
    Haas nodded.  "Communications in the Empire has gone down.  There is so much traffic, and confusion."
    "Ah cain imagine," Lukas mused.  He had been looking at the main viewer.  Nigala Station was now sitting properly, in the view.  "Get Vanik back up here, leave all shuttles, and non-essential crew back to assist Nigala's crew with getting back onlahne.  We'll handle this with a skeleton crew.  We'll need th' room."  He glanced over Rommie's shoulder to the science station.  "Commander Borek.  Ah want you to remain behahnd and coordinate all the Eagle crew remaining.  Use the Falcon as your command post."
    "Aye, Captain," Borek replied.  S/he rose and made way to the turbolift.
    "Ensign, contact Nigala command.  Tell them we are departing post-haste, but are leaving our shuttles and majority of our crew behahnd to assist them. Rommie, let's get areas ready for a major evacuation."


Title: "Help For Romulus"
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Sim recap & Log (070915) "Help For Romulus (

Title: The next chapters
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Title: Re: USS Eagle
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Note: This takes place after the sim of 090729

    The corridors of the USS Eagle were positively horrendous to make your way through.  There were Romulans sitting, standing or laying, everywhere.  Still, Dr. Core Fenway made his way through them.  The young doctor was amazed as he made his way.  Despite the fact these people just lost their homeworld, they did not openly weep.  The despair, and fear could be seen on most of their faces, but none of them wept.
    Another thing that surprised Core was the lack of animosity amongst the refugees.  They all knew they were on a Federation starship, and despite the decades of mistrust between the two powers, there were no angry faces.  At least not yet.  Core felt it was only a matter of time before the cramped spaces would wear on even the most patient of minds.  And he was right.
    Dr. Fenway entered the main cargo bay.  He started checking through the masses to make certain everyone was as comfortable as possible.
    "Where are you taking us," came a raised voice off to Core's left.
    "As I stated previously," answered another voice. "I do no know.  All I can tell..." The ship shook suddenly, a few startled cries came from all around the bay. Core saw the security officer who had been talking, close his eyes, and wait until the ship stopped shuttering. "... I am sure we are headed to a center where you can be reunited with the other people saved from Romulus."
    "ch'Rihan!" the Romulan insisted. "Why do you Fleeters insist on insulting us?"
    "I am sure he did not mean to insult you," Core interrupted, trying to calm the situation.  "Not many know the proper terminology for your people." He offered a sheepish smile. "We can be smug in our own ignorance that way."
    "Ignorance is no excuse," the Romulan barked. "We should just take over this ship, and show YOU what it is like to lose..."
    "You will do no such thing," came yet another voice.  This one originated from a elderly, and surprisingly small woman.  She pushed her way through the people.  "These Starfleet officers have risked themselves so that we all could live, and you will respect that!  Do I make myself clear?"
    "Ie," the Romulan said, very obediently.  He seemed to shrink back from her even though he was nearly half a meter taller than her. The woman reached up and touched the man's shoulder.  She said something only he could hear.  The Romulan nodded and walked away.
    "I apologize," the woman said to the security officer and Core.
    "Don't worry," Core said taking over the conversation.  "You are all under considerable strain, and quite understandably so. I just wish we had a larger ship."
    "I think the conditions would be the same," the woman said, knowingly. "You would have picked up that many more refugees."
    "You are probably right," Core conceded. "Our captain was not leaving until we had gotten as many as we possibly could."
    "We are all in debt to your captain."
    Core studied this woman for a moment.  He couldn't help but feel he had met her before.  That was absurd, because he hadn't met any Romulans at all.  This particular woman was clearly one of power.  Fenway couldn't help but wonder, though, if she were powerful, as she seemed, why was she not out on an earlier transport?  The woman offered Core a smile, and a grandmotherly par on his arm. He watched her, wondering, as she turned away.  They young doctor smiled and went about checking on the other refugees.

Dr. Core Fenway

Title: "More 'Good' News"
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More GOOD News (

Title: Re: USS Eagle
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Title: Re: USS Eagle
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"News To Rohnok"

    "OPS to Commodore Fyrstk," came the voice of the OPS officer, as Lukas stepped into his quarters.  "Admiral Rohnok is now on a secured channel."
    "Thank you, Ensign," Lukas replied, tapping his comm-badge.  "Ah'm in mah quarters now and will access it. Fyrstk out."  He tapped the badge again, closing the comm channel.  Stepping over to his desk, he touched the monitor, which brought the face of Enriov (admiral) Rohnok, his first-cousin, on.
    "Lukas," Rohnok asked, confused by the urgency and privacy of the call. "Is everything alright? Do you need assistance? You haven't run into an over-zealous warbird on your way back, have you?"
    "Whahle Ah do need your assistance, Rohnok," Lukas confided.  "It is not with any of your ships, or any problems Ah have run into.... sort of."
    "Sort of?"
    Lukas informed Rohnok of finding the ship wreckage, and the bodies floating in space.  When he told Rohnok of his assistant medical officer's findings, Rohnok's face paled.
    "This is not what we need right now," Rohnok told his cousin.  "Lukas, this cannot get out, at least not yet.  I need you to stay on-station there and secure the area.  I will send Bloodwing out to confirm... your find."
    "That will not be a problem," Lukas assured Rohnok. "Ah have restricted the morgue to just mah senior staff, and they are not to discuss this with any of the crew.  Ah realahze the implications. Ah will have to inform Admiral Archer, though."
    "Of course," Rohnok agreed.  "I totally understand.  Hann'yyo, Lukas.  This is devastating news, but I am glad it was you to come across this."
    "You're welcome, Rohnok," Lukas said easily.  "And.... Ah'm sorry.  We will continure our investigation and have things ready to transfer to the Bloodwing when she arrahves.  Eagle out."
    The screen returned to the Federation symbol.  Lukas sat there for a long moment, contemplating what the next few weeks and months will be like for his cousin and the Romulan people.


Title: "Luktra's Return" part one
Post by: Lukas Fyrstk on July 05, 2010, 11:23:54 hours.
One week prior to the Hobus explosion...

   "You're certain of this," Jeremy Aster, CEO of Aster Ships.
   "I wish I wasn't," Luktra Fyrstk told his former employer.  "Even though the fools in charge are failing to acknowledge it, the star is going to explode, and it will pose a danger to Romulus and Remus." He hated calling his beloved homeworld that which the Fleeters had come to call ch'Rihan, but it was the quickest way to get his message across.
   Aster actually winced when he heard Luktra refer to Romulus in the Federation term.  "I believe you, Luke.  What do you propse, though.  Your people will not exactly let us just cross the Neutral Zone."
   'Not yet," Luktra admitted.  "But when they realize what fools they have been, it will be too late.  They will put out an emergency call for help.  That is when we will move in.  We just need to be in the right place at the right time."
   Jeremy nodded, his expression grim.  He turned from the monitor and tapped on the console to his side.  "I only have three liners that would even be close to the task, Luke.  With really cramming people aboard, they gould go to about five thousand capacity." He turned back to the monitor.  "Best I can do my, friend."
   "That will have to do," Luktra conceded.  "I will make some contacts to get skeleton crews together for this.  When can they be ready to depart?"
   "Two days, at best," Aster replied.
   "That will have to do," Fyrstk said.
   "I can save you some trouble, too, Luke," Aster said into the monitor.  "I'll captain one myself."
   "You don't have to do that, Jeremy," Luktra said, grateful for the man's offer.
   "I know I don't have to, Luke," Aster told him with a smile.  "I want to, and if you want my ships, you'll have to accept my offer.  I'm not going to just let you run off with three of my ships."  He offered Luktra a smile that told his true feelings.
   Luktra smiled.  "Offer accepted.  See you tomorrow."

to be continued...

Title: "Luktra's Return" part two
Post by: Lukas Fyrstk on July 05, 2010, 12:18:14 hours.
"Luktra's Return" part two

   The next day, as promised, Luktra arrived at Aster Ships, in Britich Columbia, Canada.  He was graciously acknowledged by the young woman Aster had as a secretary.
   'Mr. Aster is expecting you, Commander," the secretary said.
   Luktra was tempted to correc the woman, that he hadn't been a ranked officer in the Galae for decades, actually just over a half-century, but he also knew Jeremy Aster had told her to say that. "Hann yyo, Miss," he acknowledged and walked into the office.
   "Luke! You old space dog," Jeremy Aster said rising from his seat.  He reached out to grasp his former employee and friend's hand.
   "Jeremy," Luktra replied, taking Aster's hand.  "How is the family?"
   "Sarah is as awnry as ever," Aster complained, though Luktra knew better about the man's wife.  "Sean has two children now. He's out checking on the liners as we speak, and JD is still chief engineer out on that God-forsaken Atlantis Station, but... he is not complaining.... at least to me."
   "Good," Luktra said.  He knew how fond Aster was of both his boys.  Sean was Jeremy's son, and JD was actually Jeremy's nephew, who had been orphaned early in his life and came to live with them.  Luktra also knew the Jeremy had wanted both boys in on the family business, but JD had insisted on following in his own parent's footsteps and went into Starfleet.
   "How is your grandson making out at the Academy?" Jeremy asked.  He had met Malachi when the cadet was designing his shuttle for the Academy race.  "It's unfortunate he did not win the race.  That shuttle has got some power to it."
   "Ie," Luktra replied with a sentimental smile.  "He's a bright boy, and is doing quite well in his classes.  The academy ship went M.I.A. last month while on a training cruise, and while Mal is not speaking a lot about it, I believe he had a big hand in getting them home again."
   "I saw that!" Aster exclaimed.  "He was aboard that flight?  Wow.  Starfleet has not let out much about it, except the usual canned explanations for the return of a M.I.A. ship."
   Luktra nodded.  "So.... what do we have?"
   Jeremy turned to the wall on his right and touched a control.  The wall became a large monitor, and three cruise liners appeared.  "Here's the three ships I have availalble," he told Luktra.  "I have them as loaners for when we have to do major repairs to client ships." He pointed to the one in the center. "This one's yours."
   Luktra looked at the image.  He raised a brow at the name.  S.S. Solaere.  "How appropriate," he remarked to Aster. Solaere meant "help" or "aid" in Rihannsu.  "I have contacted Daniel Hunt to captain the third ship and have lined up crews for all three."
   "You got ahold of Hunt?" Jeremy asked, quite amazed.  "I haven't spoke to him in years."
   "I talk to him quite often," Luktra confided.  "He comes by the farm often and goes horse-back riding, just like someone else, I know, has said he would do."
   Aster blushed.  "I know, I know.  I just get so caught up in the business, and of course my grandchildren."
   "I understand," Luktra admitted.  He really enjoyed it when either April or Lukas would bring the grandchildren to the farm, or if they went to visit.  "But you really should bring them along."
   "If we make it back from this," Aster said with w wry smile, "I'll do just that.  How about we go look at the ships, firsthand."

to be continued.

Title: "Luktra's Return" part three
Post by: Lukas Fyrstk on July 05, 2010, 21:42:56 hours.
part 3:

   The journey to the Neutral Zone took 37 hours.  Reports had come in that the Hobus star had indeed gone supernova.  It was another eight hours before the Romulan senate realized the shock-wave was growing in intensity as it moved out from the star.  They put the call out for help.
   The three liners from Aster Ships were escorted in by the U.S.S. Excelsior.  When they reached the twin planets, there was a "D'deridex-class warbird that was organizing the evacuation process.  Luktra wanted to take his liner directly to ch'Rihan (Romulus) but all three ships were ordered to ch'Havran (Remus) to evacuate the inhabitable areas.
   "Open a hail to the warbird," Luktra requested.
   "No can do, sir," the comm operator responded.  "There is so much comm traffic, they aren't accepting any hails except from lead ships.  In our case, Excelsior is our lead ship."
   "What does the ship traffic over ch.... Romulus look like," Luktra asked, looking over to the sensor operator.
   "There are so many ships buzzing up from the planet, down to the planet, and in orbit, sir, it is almost impossible to keep track of them all.  It looks like a freaking bee's nest."
   Luktra let out a curse in Rihannsu.  He studied the viewscreen for a long moment.  "Proceed to ... Remus, as ordered," he growled.  He said a silent prayer to the Elements that one of those "bees" would be getting his family off ch'Rihan.
   It took close to three and a half hours to fill the three liners.  And fill them, they did.  The only spots not totally occupied (to almost standing room only) with Romulans, was the engine room and the bridge.  Every other compartment on the ships were full.
   "Captain," called out the comm-officer.  "Captain Aster is hailing."
   'Put him onscreen."
   "Luke, we're full.  Hunt has reported he is as well."
   "We are also, Jeremy," Luktra told the CEO-turned captain.
   "Excelsior has directed us to take the refugees to a processing center near the Benta'kh Colony."
   "I know of the colony," Luktra told him.
   "Lead the way then old friend.  We have a little over an hour to get the heck out of here."
   "I shall.  Solaere out."
   The image of Jeremy Aster was replaced by the curve of ch'Havran.  Ships of all shapes and sizes dotted the orbit.  Luktra gave the helm the coordinates for the colony.  He was certain they would get directions to the processing center once they arrived.  As the three liners left Remus's orbit, Luktra asked the sensor officer to put Romulus on the viewer one more time.
   The once proud home-world of the Romulan Star Empire appeared on the screen.  Luktra tried to hold back the wave of emotion he was feeling.  It was always his hope to once again walk on that great planet's surface.  Now, he would be denied that forever, and not just by some government decree.  He could see the area of the planet where his family estate was located.
   "Magnify sector 3f45," the Romulan requested of the sensor officer.  The request was carried out, and Luktra's heart leapt.  There, in orbit above the planet, amidst all the other ships now trying to get away from the planet, was, clearly, and Intrepid-class ship. The markings, however could not be made out.
   "Increase magnification," Luktra ordered.
   "I'm sorry, sir," the sensor officer said apologetically.  "That IS maximum magnification."
   "We're clear ch'Havran's influence, Rekkhai," the helm officer called out.  It was Donald Matthews, another long-time friend of Luktra's.  He had a fairly good idea of what was going through the ship captain's head and wanted to help smooth things out, if even a little.
   "Prepare to go to warp." Luktra ordered.  He looked, one more time at his beloved ch'Rihan.  "Goodbye," he said just above a whisper.

to be continued...